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Oh, yes! They are being persecuted, and they believe that because the Buybull said it and Jeezus said it. In fact, when you turn away the JW's at the door, they too take this as the "persecution" the scriptures claim the "righteous" will suffer. You have to watch these "end times" because the persecution will become so great that Jebus will have to come and save them and "rapture them" away. To be "good christiasns" they have to want to be persecuted so they can be raptured away, etc.

Are they really persecuted? Maybe in thier minds or in a 3rd world country.

I've always responded to their claim of persecution by saying I will be happy to give them what they really want, if only they pay for the hammer, cross timbers, and nine-inch nails.

James, yer such a SWELL guy! [wry chuckle!]

My favorite will always be Luis Bunuel's The Milky Way. He throws in scenes of historical Christianity and the Gnostic sects and treats them as if they were legitimate, in one scene depicting Jesus about to shave his beard. His mother, Mary, tells him, "Oh, I am so glad you're doing that: you look so much better without the beard." In another scene he has two pilgrims on the road to Campostela in Spain, site of the famous shrine devoted to the disciple James (Santiago). A Christian picks them up as they hitchhike, but when they begin to argue and use the "Lord's" name in vain, he pulls over and puts them out. In other scenes he depicts the nocturnal rituals of gnostics (I think the Basilideans). By taking these groups literally, he makes all religion look ridiculous. A lot more caustic than, say, The Life of Brian.

Well, I apparently need to watch Inception.

I'd say you don't NEED to watch it ... but if you do, I think you'll be glad of the experience!  I have it on Blu-Ray and I surprise myself at how often I break it out, just to spot through certain scenes, and also to enjoy, Hans Zimmer's amazing score.

My reading of the article is that a movie about atheism, and in particular about two atheist scientists going around making speeches, would not be a best selling movie.

"Now, it would be silly to suggest that a documentary about two scientists debating religion and rationality might pose strong competition to a hundred-and-thirty-million-dollar blockbuster starring Russell Crowe as Noah on the ark."

I think most science fiction movies are pretty godless. Star Trek... The Chronicles of Reddick... Alien.... 2001... Or have a make believe religion. Star Wars.... some characters and planets on Star Trek... Avitar.

I really loved Avitar, but I don't worship trees. I also loved Henry VIII the series, even though - or partly because - I'm not christian. I really enjoyed "The Borgias" but that's probably because they were part of the Catholic papacy and totally vile. So that's kind of anti-christian.

My point is, I could really get into some movies of biblical stories, without believing them. There's a lot of drama, passion, and fantasy.

Unfortunately, making a movie about biblical themes seems to require sanctimony. Which I loathe. Overall I liked Life of Pi, but the pious aspect did turn me off.

I did enjoy Inception.

Sorry for the rambling. I also don't mean to be contrarian, but I think there's more to it than the article's author stated.

Noah, you know, was withdrawn briefly so that cuts could be made to satisfy Christian clerics protesting certain inaccuracies. I might rent the DVD just to laugh my head off.

"Certain inaccuracies?"  How can something that never happened be accurate?!?

Loren, No Shit! How can a fairy story, from the Big Book Of Jewish and Christian Fairy Tales be anything but inaccurate?

The creationist Ken Ham excoriated the film as "an unbiblical, pagan film from its start"; he concludes that it "is an insult to Bible-believing Christians... and most of all, an insult to the God of the Bible. As a result, I believe Hollywood will have a much harder time in marketing future biblically themed movies to Christians."

May it be so!!!

My point, perhaps poorly made, is that whatever his intentions, director Darren Aronofsky, often praised as exceptionally talented, was humiliated by the recutting. Of course, the great John Huston, an "out" atheist, not only made a film called The Bible: In the Beginning, he cast himself as Noah. Then, again, Huston probably had some location shooting to do, and that would explain his participation. He was forever taking on assignments he had little interest in but saw as opportunities to travel, e.g. to Africa for Roots of Heaven. I first saw promise in Aronofsky when he brought out Requiem for a Dream, but he has not done a thing since that pleased me. I can still watch Nicholas Ray's version of King of Kings, and Pasolini's Gospel According to St. Matthew entertains if one is into Marxist interpretations of the life of Reb Yeshua.


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