I've recently had a lively debate with a deist who asserted that atheism is a religeon as it has set tennents and creeds that are followed i.e. the tendancy to adhear to certain "dogma" such as skeptism and so on..

Now I've heard this flacid arguement more times than I'd like, but this particuler individual pruposed that not only is atheism a religeon that the whole of philosophy is by definition a religeon in that it follows set guidelines put forth. He went onto to assert political philosophies are as well. That is what got me thinking...Is a religeon a commonly held set of beleifs shared by a group as proposed by a figure head(s)?

this got my brain scratching...so I'm interested to hear what you think


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I did some research on the question in preparing to write an article on it. I found there are two groups who disagree on atheism being a religion. The religious overwhelmingly think atheism IS a religion. Atheists think it IS NOT a religion.

The reasons the religious give for atheism being a religion are poorly thought out and poorly argued. Most of the reasons I can categorize as projection. They just can't understand how atheists can "believe in nothing" and feel that non-belief in god(s) must be just like their belief in a deity. Some even argue that atheists must be following a charismatic leader like cult members or adhering to a rigid dogma.

The atheists have no trouble putting forward good arguments for atheism not being a religion. Most argue that atheism bears no resemblance to a religion and recognize the wide variety of beliefs both inside and outside of their atheism.

By his definition Hasbo's Monopoly is a religion. Let him know religion is not a set of rules, but something that has rules and is DRIVEN BY FAITH. Since I don't need faith to buy boardwalk and put a Hotel on it, Monopoly just isn't a religion.


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