All your goatse are belong to us

I will no longer resist temptation. This has to be done. This thread is a repository for the weird and wonderful meme of goatse as it mutates and spreads, propelled by it's own vitality, through the web and real life. Goatse is not going away. Goatse needs to be embraced as our overlord. This is for new stuff we haven't seen before, in fandom, pop culture and serendipitous random manifestations (check below for already iconised stuff). Needless to say, DO NOT post the real thing, or even talk about it. You will be kicked from this group, and probably this site. The inspiration was the image I stumbled across below. It's already poisoned one thread here anyway. goatse tribute and art work page

The 8 phases of goatse

Known, live goatse DNS listings (visit at own risk, as much for possible malware as actual original goatse content)

CHRISTMAS ISLAND INTERNET ADMINISTRATION LIMITED - Notice Regarding AUP Complaint [attached aup.noticeofcomplaint.pdf]


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New a|n default avatar ?

Ha! Now every time I see one of those old user icons, I'm going to think of this.
StumbleUpon is going beserk today -

Goatse as an exercise move... a wee bit into the video.
God goatse -


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