As An Atheist Can Your Life Have Purpose and Meaning?

I was wondering what other people thought about this.

I realize we weren't born with a purpose. No creator or "higher calling".

But as a non believer can your life have meaning and purpose without god?

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"Also, sex, drugs, and rock & roll. That too"

Fidd, can you guess who coined that term back in hippie days?


Clue:  She also had another great line:  The best way for a girl to shows she likes a guy is to take him home and fuck him.



Who coined that term Richard?

Gotta be Janis!

A guy from Tennessee in radio in the 60s told me of covering Janis when she performed there. Janis got jailed for vulgarity and upon release, she addressed the crowd gathered at the courthouse: "I wanna tell all of you mother fuckers one thing... Move to California!"

Janis Joplin sounds like a real character. Her life was too short.

With ya on that one!

Awaiting christian mercy as the flames get higher and begin to burn the soles of her feet and foreshadow the agony to come engulfing her terror in an ineffable demise-meaning is without meaning.

Purpose and meaning is a purely biological construct. My translation worthwhile.

Only logical position in life is existential.

Glen, you're right. I found existentialism to be a welcome antidote to the pandemic of words I'd heard in college philosophy classes and read in the assigned books.

Thank you for the reply Glen.

Right on! Existentialism makes life your artistic canvas. Very liberating and empowering philosophy... Even though free will doesn't exist objectively, subjectively it always feels very real.

Existentialism was in the 1950s so disliked by philosophy professors that I took to saying that while they debate free will and determinism, what matters is Who goes to jail.

LMAO!!! That's great! Reminds me a little of the saying, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?"

Quite right, I forgot.  Janice Joplin. 

A funny anecdote, being we're on the subject.  When she was starting out and getting a lot of attention and air time, I took in her show at the old Fillmore East on Second Avenue.  When I first saw her on the stage I could scarcely believe my eyes:  She was white. 

I heard her on the hippie radio station, WBAI, a few times but it never even dawned on me she might be a white girl.  See what pot does to you.  Lol

A bit of nostalgia:  When you walked into the dilapidated theater, the heavy hemp smoke hit you like walking into Aunt Jamima’s kitchen.  You didn’t even need to bring anything; just take a few lusty inhales and you were set for the evening.




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