As a young theist I ran onto lots of people saying they were atheist. Mostly they annoyed me or made me angry. None of them could really back up what they believed.

Some would claim they could not believe in god because god would not allow people to suffer. Others might claim a real god would not allow their grandfather to die. I came to believe that many were using the “atheist excuse” simply to avoid religious subjects because this was unpleasant to them. Possibly something left over from childhood that they did not want to believe in.

We break it down as “a” and theos” from older languages. It means without god. If I have arrived at a point in my life to be atheist, I am a person with an absence of belief in deities. It simply means I do not believe in god for lack of evidence. Belief in god involves belief in the supernatural which means “something” beyond the natural. Belief in the paranormal means there is “something” beyond the normal. There is no evidence for belief in either of these last two ideas. If you have no empirical evidence then it does not exist. You are somewhere in the wind here to say otherwise.

So, you are an atheist and you believe in spirits. You have an atheist friend who believes in life after death. What have you been smoking? Other atheists believe in ancient aliens, sasquatch, vampires, séances, and advice from the beyond. Where is the evidence? There simply is no evidence other than ways of fooling people changing as years go by. If you believe in any of this bullshit then you might as well believe in god! There is no evidence on any of it.

Trust me here please. The dead do not bite or scratch you. They cannot move and after a time have nothing to hold their bodies together. They cannot speak to you because they have no voice box. How would they communicate with you? If they do so it’s only because you have become one of the gullible.
Back now to where I started. Are you a true atheist? Leave comments here.

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Great response,Tara.

And I say that some of you want to pick and chose. There is no evidence for anything supernatural or paranormal. If you fail to see this now, you might see it in time.

Dennis. Though I am totally opposed to any aspect of gods or supernatural beings, having lost a child at a young age, I can understand wanting to believe in reconnecting with him. I'm equally sure that will never happen. It's wishful thinking. That's all.

I'm sorry for your loss, k.h. ky. It takes courage and understanding to make such a post as yours.

Thank you Dennis.

I'm so sorry for your loss k.h..

When my brother died as a boy of thirteen, the existential crises that I underwent were just overwhelming.  Since I had already been moving my way to an atheist position my entire adolescence and early adulthood, I found that the only significant way for me to reconcile his death was to take a completely non-thesitic position about the causes and effects of this world and this position can be summarized in just two words: Shit Happens.  Coming to grips with this simple idea has probably saved my life.

No God Required.

Ficking Chucken.  I'm sorry about your brother.  Shit Happens has always been my motto also.  It's just true.

Of course there is a desire to see your young son. I am sorry for your loss and can't imagine how I would cope if it had happened to me. My hope for you, and other parents who lose young children, is having memories to treasure, milestones to commemorate, and valuing life and loved ones in healthy ways in the here and now. 

Hi Tara - totally agree with you.

I like your comparison re "true atheist" vs "true Christian" - is one supposed to pass a test before becoming an atheist?

Maybe the test of reason. Some people appear to be non-believers of deity but they are secretly guided by pixies and faries.

Atheism, well, I personally cannot say that I have a belief in what happens to us after we die, seeing that the only way to know for sure is to die. The moly strong feeling I have about it is that whatever happens, it is probably the same for everyone, regardless as to what we do while we live.


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