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Strange how mankind seems to be hard wired to myth and superstion let alone when this is organised for him into theism by some form of central authority usually cultural/political. It is more than just cognitive dissonance or lack of education/child brainwashing. So since Asian part of mankind how come escaped?

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I think the east started relatively early with the notion of a universal group rather than tribal group.They had Confucius and the Dao early on in their cultural/statehood/communal development. The focus was universal group membership rather than tribal. Theistic focus in the west was on tribes as in "chosen people" etc. We probably have Amenhotep to blame for this and it may be more than coincidental that the earliest Judaic monotheism is somewhat parallel (1300-1400bce - but who copied who would be an interesting discussion).

I am not sure there is any record of a war between two cultures over pantheistic issue (i.e. pantheistic religious wars) - we had to wait until we had "theistic" religion before the benefit(sick:-)) of religious wars. Plenty of early wars over possessions, bragging rights, insults, etc., but not because our gods are better than your gods!

A good read on the evolutionary psychology of religion as groundwork for this is "The Righteous Mind" by Jon Haidt.


John Bourgein

When you talk of the east, you seem to think only of China and India seems to be out of your mind. Yes, there were no wars here because, as you say, "our god is better than your god" reason because Hindus' in particular and Indians in general are benign people. In spite of this, Hindus did face the 'our god is better than your god" attitude of the muslims for a period of at least several hundread years. Stories of demolished temples still rankle in Hindu minds.

But the Jews did proselytize prior to the destruction of the second temple in CE 71! They were very successful in fact and at one point came close to being the dominant religion in Rome.

You're right, but that has nothing to do with modern Judaism. And when the person mentioned the Big 3, I'm sure he wasn't referring to Pre-Christian times.

But if you really want the low-down, the Jews stopped proselytizing because they were forbidden to do so by the Christians on pain of death -- can't have any competition, you know!

No, the orientals have not escaped. The biggest religion in this part of the world is Hinduism and Hindus still are highly religious and even superstitious. Much of the east is also Muslim, and they are well ahead of Hindus in this respect.


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