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Who needs lithium when the nutjobs put mercury and aluminium into vaccines? Luckily I have stopped getting vaccines, because I like to keep my remaining brain cells in reasonable working order.
Too late.
Erwin, you're a broken record. We heard it, we challenged it, you didn't respond rationally, we pointed that out, and still you persist - here and elsewhere. It would seem that this isn't the right group for this kind of proselytizing. At least I hope it isn't.
BTW, I especially enjoyed your swine flu graphic.
Oh, that's the other bit of crap from Erwin--the assertion that vaccines somehow muck up our DNA. Um, no. Vaccines trigger an immune response, not mutations. If they triggered mutations, they probably would kill us all. Immediately.
Jason, X-rays can damage DNA, but do not usually kill us.

Are you aware that the flu shot recommended especialy for children and pregnant women contains Thiomersal, which is 49.6% ethyl mercury? The (so-called) health authorities claim that Thiomersal in vaccines is safe, yet the Thiomersal Material Safety Data Sheet from Thiomersal's manufacturer Eli Lilly states that Thiomersal is mutagenic for mammalian cells!

Excerpt from:

Eli Lilly and Company
Thimerosal Material Safety Data Sheet
Effective Date: 22-Dec-1999

Emergency Overview

R = Reproductive
A = Allergen

Emergency Overview Effective Date: 08-Dec-1999

Lilly Laboratory Labeling Codes:
Health 2 Fire 1 Reactivity 0 Special R, A

Primary Physical and Health Hazards: Skin Permeable. Toxic. Mutagen. Irritant (eyes).
Allergen. Nervous System and Reproductive Effects.
Caution Statement: Thimerosal may enter the body through the skin, is toxic, alters genetic material,
may be irritating to the eyes, and causes allergic reactions. Effects of exposure may include numbness
of extremities, fetal changes, decreased offspring survival, and lung tissue changes.

Chronic Exposure
Thimerosal is a mercuric compound. Toxicity data for thimerosal and mercury are presented.
Target Organ Effects: Thimerosal - Kidney effects (tubule necrosis), lung effects (tissue changes).
Mercury - Nervous system effects (insomnia, tremor, anorexia, weakness, headache), liver effects
(jaundice, digestive effects (hypermotility, diarrhea).
Other Effects: Thimerosal - Decreased weight gain.
Reproduction: Thimerosal - Decreased offspring survival.
Mercury - Changes in sperm production, decreased offspring survival, and offspring nervous system
effects including mild to severe mental retardation and motor coordination impairment.
Sensitization: No applicable information found.
Mutagenicity: Thimerosal - Mutagenic in mammalian cells.



Mutagenic: from ‘mutagen’. A mutagen is a chemical that changes the hereditary genetic material that is a part of each living cell. The mutation may be the first step in the sequence of events that ultimately leads to the development of cancer.

You are either a moron or a troll. MSDS are a good example why giving accurate information to the public is such a bad idea - because cretins like you have no capacity to understand it and just shriek hysterically. Table salt is a mutagen and a carcinogen if you read its MSDS.
Maybe, but as far as I am aware, table salt doesn't also cause mental retardation.

I have researched vaccination for the past 20 years. I have a Facebook page called the 'Vaccination Information Network' (VINE), which has close to 10000 fans.


I know that people including doctors who oppose vaccination are a minority. However, as Mark Twain has pointed out:

"If you find yourself in a majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

No need to feel bad about it though, because as atheists, we are also in a minority.

Vaccination is moron science for designed for a moron society. They don't talk about "herd immunity" for nothing!

I don't mean to offend you when I say that, because I too used to be a brain-washed moron for the best part of my life. I even used to get smallpox and tetanus boosters (I now cringe to even think about it!) before I woke up to the fact that vaccination is just an ugly and brutal money-making racket.
"Maybe, but as far as I am aware, table salt doesn't also cause mental retardation."

Neither does thimersal. Crank literature, OTOH, does.
So the Thimerosal manufacturer's own Material Safety Data Sheet is crank literature?

At least you have company: vitually the whole medical establishment seem to think so as well.

'First do no harm" has obviously gone out the window and been replaced with "Profits first!"

Edwin, you are completely ignoring dosage. The amount of Thimerosal in vaccines is insanely minute. You are totally full of crap.
1601 N. Tucson Blvd. Suite 9
Tucson, AZ 85716-3450
Phone: (800) 635-1196
Hotline: (800) 419-4777

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.
A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943
Omnia pro aegroto

Dear Everyone,
Please, find attached to this email a copy of the hepatitis control report (about the history of thimerosal) in Adobe Acrobat Format.

We have also attached to this email a copy of the full text of the mercury in medicine document (a report written by Rep. Burton's Committee) in Adobe Acrobat Format. Of particular interest is the statement on page 20 of this document stating:

"However, the Committee, upon a thorough review of the scientific literature and internal documents from government and industry, did find evidence that thimerosal did pose a risk.

Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines in (sic) likely related to the autism epidemic. This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding the lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal and the sharp rise of infant exposure to this known neurotoxin. Our public health agencies' failure to act is indicative of institutional malfeasance for self-protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry."

(1) Congressional Record. Vol 149;76;May 21, 2003; (page 20).



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