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The likely hood of the rest of low risk people in Canada getting the H1N1 vaccine at this point isn't looking good. The government messed up terribly on the distribution of it. Still when/if it becomes available to the rest of us, I know I shall be lining up just so I will not be a potential carrier for those who don't take it.

The magazine I work for took a straw poll last issue and it rather rather disconcerting since almost 54% of our readers who answered the poll said they would not be getting the N1H1 since they don't trust big pharma... WTF! Granted like a lot of polls it was front loaded with poor choices and I found it to be worded in such a way to illicit the responses they wanted.
Getting the vaccine in no way prevents you from being a vector... Where did you get that idea?

I'm not in a high risk group, I've lab-worked for big pharma and I'm not getting the vaccine, but I do use vaccines when I travel abroad...
A vaccine trains the immune system to recognize and kill the virus. It's certainly possible that after you get vaccinated you might have the odd scrap of virus floating around that your immune system hasn't gotten around to killing just yet, but you are a lot less likely to cough up a whole buncha virus particles onto somebody who hasn't been vaccinated. Being vaccinated decreases the odds of being a vector rather dramatically. If it didn't, epidemiologists wouldn't talk about "herd immunity".
Lorien: So Felch, I gather that you are getting the shot

Line up some shot glasses of vaccine and I'll drink them. Having worked in hydrometallurgy for years, toxic metal exposure was a given, as were routine blood tests for mercury and cadmium. I have seen first hand that mercury levels do indeed have a half-life in your system that corresponds to the literature value of ~12 days [*]. For the spooks that aren't big on science (because it's evil), that means every 12 days 50% is pissed out of your system. You are talking to a man that thought nothing of morning after half empty beer cans full of cigarette butts. I refuse to be terrorised by the imaginary or inconsequential. There are plenty of real things to be afraid of - like the general brain rot that reeks of dark age atavism. Sarah Palin anyone ? Folksy is good, we need more folksy-ness. None of this elitist, interlectshul shit...

[*] - Of course I have no way of knowing my pathology results were not intercepted by the Illuminati and falsified. It's up to all of you to prove they were not.
Er, Felch, aside from thinking nothing of them, am I imagining things, or are you hinting that you did something unsavory with the half-empty beer cans full of cigarette butts? I don't want to know, but I have to know. You know?

And I think it's letting the asshats way off the hook to blame any of the conspiracy lunacy on "bad information" as if that exists and spreads all by itself. Better to place the blame squarely on the lack of critical thinking. That properly implicates the uncritical thinker, which is where the blame truly lies. Bad information would just sit there undisturbed without the wooful dishing up extra helpings.
did something unsavory with the half-empty beer cans full of cigarette butts? I don't want to know, but I have to know. You know?

You drink them. They are flat and foul. You have to drink it quickly or you gag - the trick is straining the butts out with your teeth as you do it. Hope this helps.
That's the whole problem with the world today - no discipline.
Very nice work there Felch.

In a note to everyone who is interested - Google has this function called Google Scholar, which is ideal for the layperson trying to find some information. It indexes academic peer reviewed journals instead of the entire interwebs (plus Google Books). Its a fantastic way of finding your way around the peer-reviewed information if you have no idea where to look for real information. You will almost always get the abstract of the paper, and quite a lot of the time get the entire PDF for free as well (however it depends on the journal and the age of the article).

I used it when Dr Kent Holtorf was first brought up in the chatroom (well, first time around me anyway) to find that he had published on chronic fatigue syndrome (and something in a womens mag), hormone replacement therapy, ONE PAPER on upper repiratory infections (ie, colds: which google scholar amusingly cuts off at "the final solution to the....") in 2006, and another on silver as an oncolytic treatment. However these last two bypassed all the reputable journals and went direct to Townsend Letters.

As easy as google-stalking your date! :D
One of the best and most persistent bloggers on the whole anti-vaccine issue is Orac of Respectful Insolence on ScienceBlogs.com. He has written dozens of posts and provides all kinds of links to useful things. In the left column of the site there is a search box for just his blog. Type in "vaccine" and happy reading.
Oh yeah, Orac takes on all other kinds of woo, too -- Suzanne Somers is one of his current targets. He's blogging his way through her book. <sarcasm>Warning: He might be somewhat biased in that he is an actual doctor/surgeon with medical and scientific training. </sarcasm>
You didn't need the sarcasm tag, but with all the woo going on here, I don't blame you :). I'll check him out.


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