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Can never be too careful ... :-)
Orac was a repeat search hit for all of this. In fact, I think I even included on of his (her?) links. I routinely pre-pend "site:scienceblogs.com" to search strings in google for anything insane now.
Anytime a person says "Beware people that ask for proof of my beliefs, they're trying to trick you!" it's a good idea to tune them out. If you're not willing to debunk them outright, that is. The latter is far more enjoyable. You might even get to hear the mating call of the Suburban Crazy Wanker. "Shill! Shill! How much are you being paid!? Shill! Shill!"

You're kung fu is strong felch.
Nice work Felch. Our 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter have been given various, scheduled vaccination shots over the years. In addition to raising them religion-free, it only makes sense we raise them conspiracy-free also. It's amazing how some people rush to believe conspiracies (or religion for that matter) solely based on what another person hypothesizes.
wait..... can you hear it?......... silence.............. (from the anti-vax side)

Appendix 1 added to main post.
Secret criminals plan:

To Kill 8 out of 10 people in the world.


What I love about such absurd claims is the total lack of imagination. Why kill off 8/10ths of the population when you can enslave them in labour camps? Those minerals aren't going to extract themselves from the ground, and those crops aren't going to harvest themselves, either. We need that slave labour to keep ourselves in luxury, dagnammit!
I mean they need, not we need.

Ummm, yeah. </shifty eyes>
No no, we can't let them know that all vaccines are full of the slave gene.

We need those slaves in the acid mines! The Mercury will protect them from the acid!
It comes back to a central point I made about this - ALL ROADS LEAD TO CONSPIRACY, it doesn't matter in which direction you look with any antivax source, it all links back to total batshit insanity.
But don't you see Felch? That's why they had to kill Princess Diana. She spoke to John Lennon in a past life who was a direct descendant of John Wilkes Booth, who took his orders from the Illuminati who were in turn created as a puppet group by the Templars -- or as they're known today -- Big Pharma.


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