Since people were asking for a less US-centric political test I tried to find one. The one at The Political Compass seems to fit the bill pretty well. The results aren't a simple single number, instead they're plotted on an x/y graph.
Economic issues are the X axis liberal being the negative, conservative being positive.
Social issues are the Y axis, again, liberal being negative, conservative positive.

My score was Economic: -7.75 Social -6.82

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Ack! It turns out I'm both a hippie and a commie.
Economic: -8.62 Social -8.21
I feel dirty.
Ditto, I'm close to Gandhi. Not crazy bout that. Couldn'T we just say I'm close to Gene Roddenberry, or Carl Sagan!!??
Wow, says I'm way left and below Nelson Mandela and Dalia Lama. I'm at -8.00 and -6.82
Economic Left/Right: -8.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.67
Phew, I'm not the craziest one around here.
I'm bilingually sticking my tongue out at you.
Economic Left/Right: -2.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.92

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this.
And wow. You guys are all so far left...
My score is, Economic: -4.75
Social: -2.56
Not sure if I'm left wing enough for here. :)
My score: Economic -4.12 Social -7.59

If I trust these tests, they show I am more of a right winger than I realized!
Nah, negatives mean you're going to the left. ;)
Practically no politician in the US is even close to zero.
Democratic politicians are just less far to the right than Republicans. Both parties fall to the right of center.

They explain some of the shortcomings of the test, and where the politicians from the 2008 elections fell here.
None of these are terribly accurate, but the results can be fun.
I don't know, they seem to be accurate. The United States has moved far to the right over the last thirty years. The policies Obama is proposing, like health care, would have been solidly Republican ones in the sixties or seventies.


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