Ann Coulter Sees Heaven: Christians Only, No Jews: Disgusting Spectacle Showing Up Religious Fanaticism for What it Is

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And I doubt that J & G Smith could produce enough Glenlivet, either.  Besides which, I loathe wasting good whisky.

Charlatan? Certainly not to her fans. I think she may actually have enough intelligence to know that she is playing Yorick for King Karl of the House of Rove. She is a buffoon for money. She rattles liberal cages so that Ailes and his ilk can get a belly laugh (quite a belly I might add: what does Roger weigh now, Christie-like?). Her books sell well because the publishers buy out the first printing, the sales receipts catapulting the tome onto the best seller list. Notice that they introduce that mental dwarf Bill O'Reilly as a "best selling author." The only people buying this shit are Foxers.

How the hell does this woman hold the position she does? Why the hell am I gonna be spending 40k a year to go to college when any jibbering twat can nail a news network gig, become an author, and be taken seriously by an entire political party with zero brains whatsoever? Honestly this blows my mind.

Mine too Steve. It's disheartening to say the very least. Good old USA.

I wonder if an atheist who believed so strongly, and could express him or herself so powerfully, that people would be attracted to the palaver, just because of the energy and confidence held by the speaker?

What has she got that attracts? Is it the words? Jeez! NO! I can't believe the words would sink into any listener. Is it the manner in which she delivers? Well, that would turn me off right off the start, but do the tea partiers go for that kind of charisma? Could it be anything other than uneducated, frightened, desperate, hopeless, helpless people?

OK Steve, what have you got to say that would attract such a following? Could you put your ideas into way of speaking that would draw in crowds?

What has a snake oil salesman got that the average Joe does not have?  

You caught the types who would be "into" Coulter, Joan. We almost have an atheist who is just as outrageous, except that he relies on facts and doesn't engage in so much fallacious argument: Bill Maher.

People have forgotten that Ann Coulter is a lawyer and that she made the first rung on the ladder of fame writing legal briefs for Paula Jones's case of sexual harassment against Bill Clinton. She helped to keep the case going when there was a possibility of settlement by leaking information that would cause distrust between the negotiators and embarrass Clinton.

Her activities on the Jones case and her support of Clinton's impeachment made her popular among conservatives. The fact that she was always willing to exaggerate and falsify helped immensely.

Coulter discovered that she could parlay her minor celebrity status into something bigger if she wrote outrageous things that pleased conservatives. Perhaps her most famous is: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity." Her ten books have sold millions of copies, making her wealthy and giving her a reputation as a commentator. Now she is famous for being famous and can get away with anything. Having always been notoriously careless with the truth, she has no reputation to lose. Her attacks often fix on personal appearance. She thinks she is funny and refused to apologize for calling the President a retard.

The result is that she herself has become the butt of jokes about her single status at 52 and her unfeminine appearance. (Her name is an anagram for no real cunt.) She makes money off it all and no one takes her seriously. Like much of our popular culture today, she is phony and without value.

You're right Dr Clark. I had forgotten that.

Sentient, you're right also. Although I'm glad Maher speaks up for atheists, gays, the poor, and liberals, I could do without the snark.,,, e , Especially when his jokes fall flat. Sometimes Bill, it ain't political correctness that keeps us from laughing, it's the lousy joke...

@ Steve Kardys: I agree with the late Jacques Monod, biologist and friend of existential author Andre Gide. Monod thought two principles or mechanisms of nature provided the order we try to make out of chaos: chance and necessity. You might not enjoy what Coulter does for a living, so why envy her? I personally think she should be pitied, for those so inclined.

Do you think if she had an atheist kid, she would kick it out of her house and home?  Let's ask her.

In the final analysis, I'd bet a cup of coffee that you'd find Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity and the rest of 'em doing their thing on Fox for the same reason people go to church and make so much noise about their precious deity:

Group Reinforcement of Belief

At some level or other, the bunch of 'em are insecure about the positions they espouse, and the Church of Ailes makes the perfect place for them to preach and share their evangel. About all they haven't done is file for religious tax-exempt status.

And that may be next!

Lol Loren. Don't give them any ideas.


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