Ann Coulter Sees Heaven: Christians Only, No Jews: Disgusting Spectacle Showing Up Religious Fanaticism for What it Is

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No self-respecting Muslim would fail to slit her throat if introduced to her. She hates them, in fact refers to them as "swarthy," an insult in Islam. She insults them in every book and on every TV appearance. I suspect the next time we have a prisoner swap, we trade Coulter to the jihadists; torturing her would be so much more satisfying than getting back five old guys who forgot how to hold an AK-47.

Dude, I freaking HATE Ann Coulter, but you should not say such things-you sound like a fundie. 

THEY are the disgusting trash that like to "kill off" anyone who doesn't subscribe to their shit. WE don't want to be anything like that-or, at least, I don't. 

Emily Henderson, I dislike Coulter but she is fun to criticize. I often use sarcasm in my posts. I often take the opposite point of view, e.g. fundamentalists, to show them up as the buffoons they are. I learned how to do this in college reading Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal," by which he suggested that the famine in Ireland could be dealt with simply: why not kill Irish babies, then cook and eat them? Some Britains called for his head. When he wrote "Gulliver" he made sure that certain segments of England's population were disguised and given names like Lilliputian or Yahoos. Because this society has made me schizophrenic, I sometimes shift from anti-clerical to pro in the same paragraph.

@Dr Clark, it takes some awhile to get our little eccentricities.

Haha-understandable-just looking at one of Ann Coulter's book jackets could make one schizophrenic;) Sometimes I am a bit like Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" and don't get sarcasm-but you kind of have to be careful and not behave like those buffoons/baboons who are beneath reason and decent behavior:)  

She makes a lot of money stoking the outrage among conservatives and that's all there is to her. There is no serious thought behind her writing or speaking and no reason she should be considered a political pundit.

That's it Alan, she just loves to stir up the right wing.

She likes to stir them up-but she is also a direct reflection of exactly what they are all about. I think the folks that want a theocracy, and believe that all Jews must bow to Jesus so that He can return, should move to the middle east and put their money where their mouths are. They would never do this, of course. They wouldn't give up their money, their comfort, and put their precious selves in harm's way for the god they supposedly think died for them.

Right on! They're armchair missionaries. When Coulter starts talking about converting Jews to Christianity she may be tongue and cheeky but the sad fact is, the kind of people who would pay any attention to her are kinky guys with a yen for toothpick legs and a pronounced adam's apple, gun nuts, Tea Potty ward heelers, and anyone who can't see how unconstitutional her ideas are, how utterly theocratic. This is when I dislike her most intensely. Then there are pastors (of sheep) who send part of the church's tithes to Israeli conservatives in support of more "settlements" on Palestinian lands. John Hagee does this to further the Rupture Rapture. I don't know who is more dangerous, Coulter or Hagee. I suspect Hagee.

If you were trying to get to work and Hagee was driving to Dunkin Doughnuts, I suggest Hagee is most dangerous-hehe.

I think the way that Coulter latched onto Patrick Tillman's death and set him up as one of "them" made me hate her the most. 

The Dunkin' joke got me laughing. I had no memory of her Tillman activity, but of course I must suppose you mean she called him a traitor or something, since if I recall, he was a victim of friendly fire that might very well have been an incident of fragging. (No, I did NOT say fracking.) Frag is fag with an "r" in it. There was a fragging incident in "A Few Good Men" that formed the basis of the story line, ending with the Guantanamo provost martial telling Tom Cruise "You can't handle the truth." Neither can Ann Coulter.

No, she tried to say that he was a right wing fundie who died for his country-and she was confronted with the truth-that he was a freethinker and an intellectual who just wanted to serve his country and was not happy with what he saw in Afghanistan. 

And no, she could not handle the truth-when she was confronted with the fact that Tillman read Noam Chomsky, she said, "Oh, I don't believe that!"

I guess she knows him better than his own friends and family!


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