Ann Coulter Sees Heaven: Christians Only, No Jews: Disgusting Spectacle Showing Up Religious Fanaticism for What it Is

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She makes a lot of money stoking the outrage among conservatives and that's all there is to her. There is no serious thought behind her writing or speaking and no reason she should be considered a political pundit. 

You're absolutely correct. I really don't think that even she believes what she writes and says. It's a ploy to get the rubes to buy her screeds, which are disguised as books. Let's face it. She certainly is not any sort of intellectual, nor a serious thinker or writer. As such, who among the literate and educated would buy her books or pay to listen to her speak? No one.

Sooooo, she has to pander to her market niche to make the rent payments. Ill educated, semi-literate, ignorant, mostly racist whites, who will wallow in the hatred of whoever they are told to despise, and follow whatever demagogue promises them the most; especially when it comes to lovin' them some Jesus. 

Personally, I think she's a charlatan. And, committing her fraudulent one woman play on the very people that follow her.

Which begs the question: why does Bill Maher put up with her?  I realize Bill is no Tim Russert, but he at least appears to have some standards most of the time.  Whether he thinks she's hot (EEEWWWW!) or enjoys tearing her arguments to shreds or what it is, I don't know but she shows up on HBO's Real Time a bit too often for someone with dubious credibility.

You called that Loren. I cannot figure out why Maher keeps putting her on his show. He must be desperate for a guest the week she appears.
Letterman used Russell Simmons the same way.

Bill Maher is a huge man-whore.

It's all that weed. Aphrodisiac, you know.

Not, Russell Simmons. Good Gawd!! The Simmons that did the exercise stuff. That's been bothering me since I posted this.
Richard Simmons.

As to Bill Maher, who knows? Maybe they got something on each other, like waking up together after a night of alcoholic and cannabis stupor. Even there, I've seen Maher accuse her of not believing what she promotes, and quite frankly she didn't have much of a comeback.

There were rumors that Maher and Coulter dated,  but he denies it.  He has described how much he likes her.  I think they both have a lot in common.  They both like being outrageous, snarky, arrogant jerks. 

Like Maher claiming the "gay gestapo" caused Eich to be fired from Mozilla, when the reality is more complex, there is no gay gestapo, such language feeds into the reactionary outrage mill - and did - and the people of Mozilla were the ones who didn't want him. 

He may well think she's hot.  They are both clowns, just in different costumes.

I know someone who paled around with her in D.C.; they even wound up at some conservative parties together. It was David Brock, who wrote of her in his expose' of the publishers who hire young writers to do hatchet jobs on pols they consider a threat to the advancement of the GOP. David was paid plenty to write a book about Hillary's immorality and illegality but he had to turn in a manuscript that had nothing of the sort. He was ostracized by the Republicans and in his book, "The Republican Noise Machine," reported drinking wine with Coulter and discussing wonk stuff. He also claims that Matt Drudge made a pass at him. (Just before co-founding Media Matters, Brock came out gay.)

@Loren: Glad you find Ann so attractive!

Please [*urp!*] ... not so soon after dinner!

@James. Accusing Loren of finding Coulter attractive is kind of mean, isn't it? Funny, but mean. I don't think Jack Daniels could distill enough, nor Colombia grown enough coca.... Well, you get the idea.


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