Yes, fundies insinuating themselves into A|N are nothing new. They’re usually on missions to save our corrupt souls, are quickly detected and booted out the door. But the strange case of Antonett Ewan is markedly different and worthy of all of our attention. We’re still not sure of her motivations or what she was actually after, but we have some sound speculations. More like her may follow, and caution should be exercised. I have notified Brother Richard of Antonett, but have asked that no action be taken yet. When it is, I would strongly recommend discussions initiated by her be preserved for future reference.

And I would also urge all of you to think carefully next time you run into an idiot or a "helpful" stranger in any forum - there may be more to them than you think.

The Nitty Gritty

Antonett, seems to have arrived on the scene on the 8th of December. She was welcomed in the usual cordial manner. No picture and a profile that has been modified several times since then to reflect upon which way she modified her story, and no group memberships.

Immediately, she started the thread “Organized Hate!”, which deserves a thorough reading from start to finish to get a gist of the matter at hand, and the thread I really would like to see preserved. She followed the next day with “Religiously Uneducated”. Though of lesser interest, and possibly even dumber, it is also worth reading.

The opening posts are worth quoting verbatim –


“Organized Hate!” -

What is your response to those who think websites like these only serve the purpose to organize hate?

Do you think that this site might propogate another 'people of hate' if ideas about religion/religious people are not controlled (or thought through, if ideas are uneducated)? That there might be another 'crusade' where either the relgious or atheists are killed by the other?

This is for Research purposes....

“Religiously Uneducated” – we know, Christians and Muslims alike have caused alot of pain and suffering throughout history...yet non of their dogmas actually 'back-up' hate and killing...though I am not sure about the Quaran. Do you think that those who kill in the name of religion...are just not educated about it?


Everyone I’ve spoken to had the same gut feeling that there was something wrong with this picture, but… Maybe it’s just a kid ? Maybe a young adult with learning difficulties ? Maybe some young person that was raised in a cloistered religious madhouse ? Could be any, and maybe they were taking their first baby steps back to reality. We gave her the benefit of the doubt and tried to be relatively nice.

I and others started monitoring her posts, particularly the Hate thread, and the stupidity and surrealism only grew. This was no retard, no stupid kid locked in a crazy x-tians basement – this was a real fundie. The dead giveaway, apart from sheer dumbness, is illiteracy. 99.9% of fundies couldn’t write a coherent paragraph to save their lives – it was evident here in spades.

We decided to take no action yet – we wanted to see what the point was. No soul saving was evident, there was some other agenda here. And it was pretty obvious – Antonett is apparently of the sincere belief that atheists are genocidal maniacs bent on exterminating x-tians. This was her “research” project. She was bending over backwards to get someone in the thread to explode into a hate speech tirade she could take away with her as “proof”.

Extracting the truth

Kudos to Dawn K., funk Q and Tedster, for carrying on as though nothing was amiss, and gently and patiently painting her into a corner to try and get her to tell us precisely what her “research” was. Above all else, they used nothing that could be construed as a threat or “hate speech”. She was hopping around like a frog on a hot plate, but no explanation was forthcoming. It was going nowhere and this piece of gibberish got me to open up –

Antonett Ewan: Well for one, atheists refer to Christians as deluded, unintelligent, they litteraly hate everything that a Christian is what's the difference.

I responded –

Spit it out - you're a deep cover fundie trying to expose us for the baby eating satanists that you think we are.

Your questions could be answered by studying our archives - you refuse to do so. Instead you are fishing for comments you can use as soundbites in propaganda.

Please convince me I am wrong.


Then another surprise twist (and profile modification) – Antonett was suddenly confessing to being recently deconverted. The gibberish continued.

Tracing the culprit

My initial knee-jerk was that it was a resurrection of this creep who'd just been shown the door –

I was proved wrong. Kudos Andrew from Canada for his sleuthing. He found –

Full name, address and phone number. Apparently she’s a cat freak to boot.

I was wondering if this was mere coincidence and we had the wrong person. I browsed some more. The "view all ads by user" link gave this –

OK, Google AntiePantie, first hit –

Look to the right of Antie Pantie in the user box - IM antonettewan

Now look down to the question and answer section. Case closed.

Andrew also told me Antonett plays flute in the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra –

You’ll find her under flute in the 2008-2009 Symphonic Winds section.

We also know she performed in the dance/theatre piece “Waiting”, by The Company at Factory Mainspace, Mon. Aug 11 6:30pm, Sat. Aug 16 6:30pm, Sun. Aug 17 12:30pm

We also know which college she goes to, but we won’t mention it here.

Amazing what you can find out in less than an hours searching innit ?

Coup de Grace

After all these fun and games I posted the following to the Hate thread –


As has been carefully explained to you we are not a part of the "many of us say hateful things" herd. Let me repeat what I said earlier -

And if you take anything away with you from here, make a careful note of our patience and tolerance. We all had our doubts from your first post, but you being the guest, we gave you the benefit of the doubt.

You will not find such patience or tolerance on any x-tian board, and if you want to see true bloodlust and hatred, check christian responses on secular message boards when topics they disagree with are discussed. Let alone the fact that you could fill several garbage trucks with anonymous death threats sent by good christians each year to secularists. If you could find just one of these threats from a genuine athiest to a xtian, I would be surprised.


There has not been a peep from Antonett since I addressed her out of the blue by her yahoo nick. Perhaps I jumped the gun ? We could have toyed some more. But I wanted to make her jump. This will probably make her jump higher.

So, Antonett, will you finally tell us why you are here, what your “research” is, and what it is that you actually want from us ? Unfortunately, we’re not the satanic, baby eating, genocidal, jack-booted thugs that you expected. But we do take great exception to those that think they can play games with us. Please tell us, or we’ll just keep on digging.


Let’s pretend we’re a bunch of rabid pro-lifers and Antonett was a pro-choice infiltrator. What do you think they would do with the information we gathered ?

Fortunately, we are godless. We value reason and tolerance. We see revenge as a juvenile act that is at its most juvenile in the Abrahamic holy books. As the godless, we will do nothing.

Lucky for you hey Antonett.

Other Dumb Antonett footprints

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funk Q: She might be genuine and just not expressing herself well.

Hope Santa brings you what you want.

Although her avoidance of revealing her 'Research' is a concern.


A note to those who may find what I just did objectionable.

I wasn't going to post anything without getting a confirmation test. Antonnet was posting relentlessly. As a test, I called her by her Yahoo ID in a post to her Hate thread. She has not made a peep since that. She's been online for most of the time since that post. I take that as sign of someone who knows they've been caught.
If AntiePantie is recently converted it is very recently. Two weeks ago she posted this in answer to a question on Yahoo about why Christians insist on quoting Scripture as proof when debating atheists:

"Why is it that atheists always quote Darwine when we ask for proof?

Duh...we don't believe what Darwin says...That is the whole point. I get so sick of people adding evolutionist ideas to their answers."

And, in answer to another Yahoo question about whether the Bible should be taken literally:

"I don't understand why God would give us a History Book rather than a book of Parables if he wanted us not to take it literally?"

On whether atheists are free from control (whatever that means!):

" a weird way...they are controlled by their dying need not to be controlled... every choice they make will be to refrain from being controlled, even if it is a bad not believing in God for instance."

And, the dear child who was so curious to see what nasty unfeeling people we atheists are has a lovely response to whether God joins all unions of marriage, or just heterosexual ones.

"Only heterosexual...that is like asking if god answers that prayers of murdering rapists"

Antonett seems to be a very young, very naive and very uneducated young person. Lying to get information is a very silly way to get information out of an atheist website. She is looking for the hate and ignorance in us that she displays in her own words.

There is no need to lie to learn about atheists. The internet is full of open forums where, if you have questions about atheism, you can just ask.
Well, funky, dumb is not usually terminal. You can choose to educate yourself and you can choose not just to accept what you've always been told and find out if there are other points of view. You can choose to mix with people of intelligence and learning, or you can choose to live a small, narrow life, never looking beyond what you learned as a child. We have no idea of Antonett's IQ, we only know what her current level of education and knowledge appears to be.
Krusty: If AntiePantie is recently converted it is very recently. Two weeks ago she posted this in answer to a question on Yahoo about why Christians insist on quoting Scripture as proof when debating atheists:

Yes we analysed her answers site in detail yesterday. No she is not a "deconvert". That was her quick reponse to my very first on the spot accusation - she didn't spend much time thinking it through. Not that she actually does much thinking. If you haven't read the Organized Hatred! thread all the way through, I recommend you do. Guaranteed chuckle fest.

Antonett seems to be a very young, very naive and very uneducated young person. Lying to get information is a very silly way to get information out of an atheist website.

While at the same time using your real name. "Silly" is Einstein campared to her. I don't think we have the words in our language to truly convey the depth the dumbness that's chosen to leave its skidmarks across our forum.

She is looking for the hate and ignorance in us that she displays in her own words.

Yes, she is a college kid. I haven't even begun searching through college records.

My guess is she was asked to think of a project to do for whatever nutjob bible study group she belongs to and decided to pick on us. She bit off way more than she could chew.
What have I done to deserve being called KRUSTY????? Ewwww! ;-)
I'm thinkin' Felch has been going through my underwear drawer again. I HATE it when he does that!

That's what my Aunty Shirley told me as I boarded the plane for my first overseas trip! (Of course I took no notice whatsoever!)
How many Lambruscos have you had today, Blackie?

Geez, I'm just the comic relief around here!
Bwahahahahaha. Oh Kristy, I think you have a new name. Love it, own it, live it.
Dawn, I think we should make Kirsty our official mascot!
You did say you didn't care what variation of your name we use...
For someone who lives in a trash can, you don't miss much, do ya? ;-)


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