The chat saga is long and frustrating. Here are my subjective observations on the current version of the widget -

* It is still pretty flaky, but an infinite improvement on the first version release.

* The problems are probably entirely the widgets fault, with its scripting not entirely following accepted rules and causing hiccups with later versions of IE and FF - which have both gone out of their way to adopt strict scripting standard enforcement.

The ones that have worked best for me -

* IE 6 (!). Not because it's inherently any good, but because its like a cat on heat and will take any script you throw at it without complaint. It is also the reason that so many botnets got entrenched.

* Google Chrome - I've been using build and it is remarkably smooth. Unfortunately, it's made by Google so who knows what information is getting pumped back about your usage.

That's it. If you have complaints about chat, there's not an awful lot of good done by whining about it. Test drive other browsers and see what works for you.

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Coolies. Thanks for the heads up. I doubt I'll bother changing myself, because using two browsers is more effort than dealing with the issues, but for some I'm sure its handy.
The few times I've checked-in to the chat room, Google Chrome worked for me.
Just a note - Opera 9.6 is sweet too.
Good info. I have more and more been using Chrome exclusively. The only thing I've been missing is my Firefox plugins. But I guess this is what I sacrifice for speed.
Occasionally the chat app gets a little choppy, but other than that it is working quite well on Firefox 3.0.11
Is there a way to disable the chat in my view or my pages being served from Ning? I don't use the chat and I find that the constant background chat traffic is using up my limited bandwidth.
No. This is what's called 'integrated social networking'. You get everything whether you want it or not and it all assumes you have the IQ of a retarded baboon. It sucks. Deal with it. Best I can suggest is using FireFox with the FlashBlock extension. That stops all flash except that which you specifically activate.

Anyone using Google Chrome?

I am trying to.


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