When I was 6 or 7 years old I went to a funeral of family friends who dies in a car crash. The Minister who was talking about "Gods Will" got me to thinking. Also he said god works in mysterious ways that we can not understand. That was the moment I became an Atheist. I live with a christian family and just stayed quite about it for years. I never knew anything about Buddhism but I had Buddhist beliefs. Many years later I picked up a book called "The Buddha Said" and I was blown away. One of the things the Buddha said was "Don't talk to me about god. You have no way of knowing if he exist or not." I was sold. Buddhism is just a guide to living your life with respect for all living creatures. Living a moral life with love for others. No heaven or hell. Everyone has the seed of the Buddha in them. I certainly did and studying, meditation you grow with the intent of trying to become a Buddha yourself. I'm not there yet but I will continue on the path the best I can.

One of my biggest difficulty is I can't get over my hate for people like Sara Palin and Rush. lol

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I might be an atheist aesthetic buddhist (my mantra could be A-A-B). Images of the buddha somehow have a calming effect, I like the art. Meditation might decrease stress...what could be bad about taking a short break like that. I appreciate the love of and protection for animals they espouse...all of this is good. The middle road is a decent concept if you can do it. If Buddha existed he had some good ideas and wrote some good lines. Etc.

But don't buy the crazy reincarnation, the karma (how I wish it were true), that he was born out of his mother's side and other details that just fill in facts that can't be known. I believe that many who state they are atheist and buddhist could fall into this catagory...they love basic buddist's aesthetics with out the stuff.


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