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While the fact that I, as an atheist, marrying a christian was a sure fire way to lead to disagreements it went a bit too far today.

She has spending each day at a ongoing church revival for the last two weeks.  Today I finally raised a bit of concern for just how much time she was spending there each day (from about 10am to 3pm and then 6pm to 11pm each day).  Her response was something that I have never experienced before - She "rebuked me in the name of Jesus", called me a devil and proceeded to follow me around the house talking in tongues.  WTF!   How is that any different then a small child sticking their fingers in their ears and saying "nanana I can't hear you!"?  To me that is just incredibly disrespectful and dismissive as if anything said couldn't possibly be from a spouse but had to be the boogieman.  

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Drop her, drop her like a bad case of fleas, and never look back...

Sorry, I know I should not be so gung-ho about it, but think about what she is going to do to your kids...

On the plus side however her spending so much time there gives you plenty of time with the kids, able to influence them. Also If it comes to a split, showing you are the primary caregiver will help persuade a judge that you are the appropriate parent. (Of course if you get a religious judge you are screwed anyhow!)


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