An absolutely brilliant refutation of presuppositional apologetics

A little while ago I stumbled across this series on YouTube, and it is without a doubt the most brilliant refutation of presuppositional apologetics, specifically Sye Ten Bruggencates', I have ever seen on the internet. I suspect that even Sye would be left looking like a complete idiot if responded too in this way, because it not only debunks every sentence that he says, but actually makes all his arguments work against him rather than for him. Everyone should definitely check this out, and pass the series on to any other active atheists they know. Too many of us get confused with this sort of apologetics, and they are in fact easy to refute if you know how.

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I got around to watching this series of videos, and although I enjoyed it, it seemed to be a little beyond my complete comprehension. I'll need to watch it again, and try to understand it better. One thing I did note, is the author's claim that Sye Ten Bruggencate says that no matter what arguments are put before him, he will not be swayed.

It seems stupid, to me, to engage in any kind of discussion or debate if you are determined never to learn - never to change.

Have to admit, Gila, I'm not certain I'm much different as regards "being swayed."  Oh, if some day someone unearths irrefutable evidence that the god of the bible does indeed exist and that he's everything the bible says he is and a bag of chips, sure, I can acknowledge that discovery, maybe even praise the discoverer for his or her work.

But would I ever worship that god, do all the groveling and boot-licking he evidently demands?  Not on my worst day.  Said god would remain the egomaniacal despot we've always perceived him to be through those writings and as deserving of such worship as a hole in the head.

Fuck that ... and should that god exist, fuck him, too.

Pretty much. You see, the only reason that presuppositional apologetics even exists is because the apologists have realized none of their evidential arguments hold any water whatsoever, and so this is what they have been reduced to: playing these dishonest and fallacious word games to try and use the skeptic's own intellectual honesty against them to make them look foolish on camera. If you don't know how to counter it, they will succeed.


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