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Amusing Responses You Got From People When You Came Out About Being An Atheist.

I thougt It would be interesting to see some of the more comical responses people have received upon coming out. I'll start things off with my favorite.

I was about 16 and a guy in class found out that I didn't believe in god and he came up to me and asked

Boy: "So do you really not believe in god"

Me: "No."

Boy: "So.... You worship the devil?!"

I got this one in one form or another many times..... Gotta love the bible belt! :)


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A lot of others had stated this but my mom just doesn't believe me. She responds, " You still believe in God.." and since then, she has avoided talking to me altogether. I think she's afraid to learn that the status is still the same.
Anyone not heard some variation of "what did God ever do to you?"

My favorite response was from a preacher named Gary who used to come to the quad at my college.
It started when I couldn't hide my laughter about something he said that was beyond idiotic.
Gary: "Are you a Christian?"
Me: "No, I am an atheist."
Gary: "You're a lost cause." (Ironically he was proselytizing on Jesus communing with undesirables to bring them to the faith. Hypocrisy was/is always rife with this one.)
That's hilarious how since you don't believe in god in there minds the next logical thing to believe in is the devil. Or the every popular since you don't believe in god " You don't believe in anything". Once someone asked do I believe in love, If i did god is love . I was like how cute .
I hate when people do that where you have to believe in their religion or you're some sadistic, godless thing. To me it's like them saying," If I didn't believe in a god, I'd probably go torture animals and beat women."
i get this one a lot since i went to a catholic high school against my will. "you will find god again." pfft. no i wont :D
i did have one teacher who was quite respectful of my beliefs and she said "we'll all be praying for u, except for alex, she will hope for u" it made me happy that she excluded me from the prayer
The next time someone say " you will find god" tell them "find god? I still can't find waldo!"
kudos to your teacher. It may have been an underhanded jab (I don't know the teacher or the tone in which it was said), but it's an acknowledgment at the very least.

As to the "you will find god" - I find it interesting that they think we "lost" god in the first place. Hard to lose something that doesn't exist or, at the very least, that I never really had in the first place.
thank you for your response, i agree.
When I explained to a coworker that I didn't celebrate holidays because I didn't believe in god she accused me of being a liar.
Most of my friends who know cried. Not that funny, I guess...

But my friend, Sly, who is a Christian, said,

"Good for you!"

And she meant it. Then she said,

"Oh, whoa. Should feel bad that I'm not bothered by this?"

I don't remember where I saw it, but there was a great quote from someone who just came out as an atheist to their mother. The mother's reply was:

"An atheist!?!?! I can understand you not believing in god but an atheist?!?!?!
That is too funny


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