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Amusing Responses You Got From People When You Came Out About Being An Atheist.

I thougt It would be interesting to see some of the more comical responses people have received upon coming out. I'll start things off with my favorite.

I was about 16 and a guy in class found out that I didn't believe in god and he came up to me and asked

Boy: "So do you really not believe in god"

Me: "No."

Boy: "So.... You worship the devil?!"

I got this one in one form or another many times..... Gotta love the bible belt! :)


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You know... I have never had anyone question me negatively about being atheist. It wasn't til recently that I even knew that religious people would try to give normal people a hard time... that would appear to me like a fat kid picking on a fit kid for being in shape.

As far as with people my age... I didn't really know there was young people who really believe that shit. I know my high school had at less 20 religious kids in it... because for about 2weeks, they wanted to have a prayer circle in the exact spot that me and my friends hung out in the morning, i guess after we start worshiping with them (to the obvious true god, the sun god) the decided to relocate to an unknown location.
My former roomate came and asked me nicely if I wanted to go to palm sunday with her and I said no and that I was an atheist. She seemed kind of overapologetic and I was like, I'm not going to bite your head off!

There was also a time when I was walking campus and some church club came and asked people if they'd like to take a survey on religion. I thought it was just to see the make up of the student body and the religious or non religious views. When I told them I was an atheist I got a dirty look and they abruptly pulled away. So much for Christian niceness, LOL! However on my campus I know alot of people who identify as atheists. Its not even that I'm seeking them out. For example in one of my former philosophy classes 8 out of 10 identified as atheists.
I have actually had two experiences within the week with very religious people.
On Monday afternoon I was on the bus re-reading "The God Delusion," when a woman notices the cover. She politely asked me what the book was about so I told her that it is a book about the absurdity of supernatural beliefs.
Lady: Why would you read a horrible book like that?
me: I agree with it.
Lady: UR GOING TO HELL YOU A$$HOLE!!!!!!(she actually yelled very loudly so the whole bus heard)
me: I don't beleive in hell.
lady: Well you'll beleive when your burning!!!!!!
Well I went back to my book while she berated me for about the next 15 min until she got off. It was very annoying but I didn't want to have a shouting match.
Yesterday I was on a different bus when I heard a young woman say "I aksed(yes i spelled that right) god what the newsman meant when he said the man preys on women. He told me it meant that the man knelt down in front of her and prayed." She was talking to the bus driver who talks about god constantly. The driver told her what it actually meant. This caught my attention because it was so stupid. Well a couple minutes later, the driver brought up the story of an atheist getting yelled at on a bus on Monday.
I was shocked to hear that they were talking about me when I was just a couple of seats away.
Driver: There was a horrible man on 1 of the buses on Monday who didn't beleive in Christ our Lord!
Young Woman: How is that even possible?
Driver: The Devil must have gots to him. What I want to know is why did that driver let that heathen on the bus in the first place? God would have told me the second that evil man tried to step on my bus and I would have told him that he was not welcome on this bus.
Naturally I laughed quite loud at that!!!!
Driver: (now talking to me) You laugh but I would tell that man to shove his book where the sun don't shine!
Me: "What book was he reading?"
Driver "The god defusion or erosion or something like that
Me: (Held up the book that i was still reading) You mean "The God Delusion?"
Driver: Yeah what are you doing with that book? It's about atheism!!!!
Me: Im an atheist
Driver: Oh that's it you're getting off at the next stop
Me: No I'm not. You don't have the right to kick me off the bus because I don't beleive in your religion.
I'm just going to sit here and read my book until we reach my stop. Then I will get off the bus and you can go on with your day and have a story to tell at your next prayer meeting.

The driver and the young woman went on talking about how I was evil and going to hell and possessed by the devil and yada yada yada....

As I was getting off the lady said "Don't be surprised when God gives you what you deserve!"
I replied "I'll be waiting for it." Her mouth dropped open and she sped away like she stole the bus. Overall a very funny week.
Wow.... I have no words for what I am reading in this thread. Thanks to all of you for making me realize just how lucky I am to have been born in Sweden.

Do these people actually live in secularized (spellning?), western society? I would have guessed somwhere like, say, Israel or Iraq (no predjudice intended, but you get the point).

I am totally stunned.
It is often the case that the governments/constitutions of countries are secular, but the people are not.
Hi Jonte! My husband's family lives in Eskilstuna and they are always shocked by the religious crazies when they come here to the USA to visit.
i had been on a website that was talking about atheism and my friend came up next to me and saw what i was reading and asked if i was and atheist, i said "yes, i am". she said "cool, im a capricorn!"
Do we get to guess at her hair color?

Did she get aries and atheist mixed up or what?

blood red

I get so sick of the "Do you worship the devil" crap from theist.I see myself as one that doesn't believe in the supernatural.No ghost,devils,gods,horoscope and all that non-sense.I'm very happy to be an atheist.
It's an inability, on their part, to insert their minds into any form of thought experiment that supposes no supernatural.
Other than the usual disbelief, going to hell, or devil worship responses I've had a few people that I work with that didn't even know what Atheist meant, they literally asked 'what's that?'. One girl was trying to flirt with me and when I told her I was an atheist she said 'me too!' I was doubtful so I offered her a passage to read in the book I was reading (The Portable Atheist) she read the first few sentences and said "You believe this junk?"

I regularly work the closing shift at my job, I've been reading The Portable Atheist when there aren't any customers and set it on the counter (in plain view, as I hope at some point a fellow atheist might see it and I might make a new friend over our shared disbelief) when a customer comes up, I've had a few people read the title aloud in a confused tone. One woman looked at me after her transaction and asked if it was mine (I was reading it as she walked up...) when I said it was, she asked if it was interesting, to which I also replied 'yes' then she said 'So you're a nonbeliever in jesus christ?!' I said I was a nonbeliever in all things supernatural and religious and she crossed herself as she left while I just shook my head and picked my book up again.


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