Amusing Responses You Got From People When You Came Out About Being An Atheist.

I thougt It would be interesting to see some of the more comical responses people have received upon coming out. I'll start things off with my favorite.

I was about 16 and a guy in class found out that I didn't believe in god and he came up to me and asked

Boy: "So do you really not believe in god"

Me: "No."

Boy: "So.... You worship the devil?!"

I got this one in one form or another many times..... Gotta love the bible belt! :)


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I tell my my friends and relatives that I am a born again Agnostic Atheist Heathen.  The kin folk from the bible belt don't know what Agnostic.


Their only response is "Jesus loves you anyway."  I always say, yeah right, prove it and not with a bible.


I have not been invited to a family reunion in about 10 years and I don't miss the religious crap.

My path to Atheism started at a young age.  The two things that did if for me was GOD'S WILL"  and "GOD WORKS IN MYSTEROUS WAYS"


I just told my 20-year-old nephew last night; he did a little "raise the roof" motion with his hands and told me he was relieved to have another in the family that he could talk to.  Maybe by the time the whole family gets done doing this one-to-one with each other, we'll find out none of us are believers!

What a nice surprise!

Earlier this week my two little sisters learned that both my brother and I are atheists. It didn't really seem to bother either of them very much. They've both been taught history from conservative Christian textbooks, however, so the older sister timidly asked, "So... do you guys like communism?" An adorable question, although it's a bit sad that she was given such an impression. We chuckled at her question, and then proceeded to explain to them that while communism was atheistic, most atheists aren't communists.

Nine years old.

The teacher told the class to write their favourite bible story.


Mine was called 'God, the myth'.


Teacher was flustered; dad was pleased.

I 'came out' yesterday to my husband (for the 2nd time this year; 1st time he got upset and we never talked about it until now). Last time, he asked me if I was going to worship Satan now. (That just about blew me away. How could he think that about me when he knows my good nature?)

Yesterday he went on a tyrant about how I am going to be the reason for no one getting Christmas vacation off from work and school. And that my disbelief in the birth of Jesus would mean an end to Christmas gifts for our kids. By the time he was done, I really did feel sorry! (But then I remembered that Winter Solstice could be a feasible replacement for such things.)

Sometimes I think murderers get more sympathy and understanding from religious folks than atheists do. :(

Ouch, that's terrible.  How would you have any respect for him after that?  Faith, by definition, is the belief in something without evidence, you and I don’t do that because we're not idiots.  By declaring our fervent disbelief to a believer it in essence is telling the other person they are an idiot.  This is why they lash back so harshly.  Religion is designed like a fortress over many hundreds of years.  They have built in mechanisms like the satan and hell trick, child indoctrination, guilt and fear to keep their membership in line and growing. Without these mechanisms religion would have died off long ago.  It's pretty sad victims of religion don't see the manipulation.  If I wanted to create a way to control people, become rich, live lavishly, have prestige and a means to spread my agenda I'd create a religion.  It takes a sociopath to start a religion and a weak minded gullible person to follow it.  There never seems to be a shortage of either.  Good luck.

Yikes! Not so amusing. I just had a flashback. When I told my finance I wasn't a Christian, he said he wouldn't marry me. Also not so amusing. Luckily that lasted less than 24 hours. We have been married now for 22 (23?) years. He's still a Christian. I'm still an atheist. I'm hoping your husband's outburst will be similarly insignificant in the long run?

My sister, when I still had communications with her, told me she wasn't worried about my atheism because I'd figure it out and believe in god again someday.  Funny but at the same time condescending.


My mother asked me if I knew what hell is.

My mother just keeps asking what's wrong with me. Nothing is wrong with me now though- I thought all kinds of things were wrong with me when I was in church but now that I've accepted the fact that I just can not believe, I don't feel like anything is wrong with me.

My mother-in-law thinks it's just a phase. My husband has been an Atheist just about his whole life. He told me that when he was little, he thought it was like Santa- he thought all the adults knew god wasn't real, they were just pretending to believe. My MIL still thinks it's just a phase.

I let her know that I, too, am an Atheist now. her response?

MIL: "Well, I know you say you don't believe in god, but I know you do."

ME: *blank stare*

MIL: "Well, I know you don't believe that all this *gestures towards a window, presumably referring to the outside world* just appeared, I know you don't believe this all came from NOTHING."

ME: *blink*

It seems that I'm just going through a phase too. Oh well, she's more accepting of this than my own family is.

I know discrimination is wrong.  A lot of people who fear muslims on principal find a person practicing islam to be better then an athiest.  Two great hates that just go together.


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