Just thought I would say Hey, 

I am a 23 year old gay guy who is currently working on a PhD in Psychology (Human Factors) and I have an interesting past for someone my age.. 

I was raised nominal Christian, I went to a Catholic school my parents sent me to for some reason that I am not 100% sure of. It wasn't the best place for a gay kid if I am honest I was bullied and some of the stuff you heard about gay people freaked me out big time ! 

When I was 19 during my undergrad course I took the shahada and became a convert to Islam. My closest friends at the time were Muslims and I was a severely repressed gay guy wanting a way to find meaning and be accepted by a community and as some of you know Muslims pretty much adore converts, my friends did. 

I used to think it was a nice religion, I prayed, sometimes went to the mosque with my friends did all that crap. 

It lasted the grand total of 8 moths after which I had a freak out, got some help and the realised "What am I doing to myself" , questioned everything and became this atheist prat that I am now. 

By Muslim standards I am an apostate, but I question if my conversion was really valid since I was mentally ill, lonely and suckered in by the nice parts I didn't know what I was accepting or praying to really.

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Too many people get suckered by religion in one form or another, presuming they're not indoctrinated into it as kids, so I wouldn't feel too bad about that.  Of course, you now have the bonus of being a terrorist in addition to being an atheist, at least according to the higher-ups in Saudi Arabia.  Don't you feel SPECIAL?!?

So welcome, "atheist prat," from the rest of us atheist prats!  Wade on in, the water ain't deep, and please enjoy yourself!

Thanks :-)

I feel like such an idiot for listening to those Muslims over stuff! I mean if you look at some of the stuff in the Koran and Hadiths I can't believe I fell for it ! 

At least now I have actually found real love, I have a boyfriend and I have finally started to live as the young gay guy I am meant to be. It breaks my heart to hear about these gay kids forced onto the streets and the like by overly religious parents! 

I hear you.  It happens in the States as well, way too much.  I hear horror stories about gay kids in Utah (a VERY Mormon state!) where there is a sizable percentage of homeless gay youth - stinking tragic.

Me?  I'm an old fart (63!), married, very bisexual with a wife who's okay with that (!!!), and doing at least fair to middlin'.  I think you'll find this is a good place.  I've been here four years plus, and enjoy it a LOT.  Hope you do, too!

Nice to meet you, "Prat"!

Welcome! Unfortunately the major religions really don't have a place for the non heterosexual something I've felt keenly since adolescence. But its a big world and there are a lot of places you will be respected and your love honored.


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