After Work Rant


     Okay, I’m upset. So I need to get it off my chest, and what better way than to rant to you guys, put my thoughts down, try to gain some equilibrium and peace.


     As many of you know, I’m a former paramedic of 30+ years. One of my former partners was brought in day before yesterday in full cardiac arrest. We ran calls together as exclusive partners for 3 years, and off and on until I moved from the ambulance into the hospital as a cardiac tech. He has survived, is currentely extubated, off all drugs, and is being closely monitored. Enough about that. What is irking me is his preacher. I understand his wife and son, clinging to the notion of a miracle from god. Hell, even the doctors on the case said it was a miracle, one going so far as to say she was only the eyes and hands of jesus, that he had worked through her. Fine, give the credit to a non-existent entity. I was just happy he was getting better.


     Anyway, this preacher asked for everyone to gather around the bed so a prayer could be given. Needless to say, I did not participate. All the family did, and the nurses, and the doctor who was there at the time (who happens to be a hindu, but what the hell, right ?).


     Afterward, this preacher approached me at the desk where I was monitoring the telemetry from. Said he understood that we had been partners on the ambulance together. I said yes. He then asked me what I had against religion and the power of prayer, as I had seen this miracle with my own eyes.


     Closing my eyes and counting to 5, I then stated that I didn’t discuss religion or politics at work. I was not about to get into the furball with this sanctimonious, sniveling, hypocritical, specious, fallacious, spurious, counterfeit, fake, deluded windbag, whose doctrine of drivel, immorality, and falsehoods has driven so much hurt and pain through the body of mankind throughout the ages.


     I know I was red faced by this time from holding it in, but goddamnit all, this was not the place for confrontation! I had a friend recovering from something very serious, and he and his family needed calm and peace for recovery, which will take some time as some mental deficits are apparent.


     He shook his head at me,and said some friend you are, and started walking away. I rose from my chair, my vision closed down to just him, and still I held it. I just had to get this off my chest. I am so torn and frustrated right now, I’m having trouble thinking straight. But this has helped.


     I know some of you won’t agree with the way I handled it, some will. But at least I can vent to you. And if I am not at work, and I happen to see this prick, I plan to unload with both barrels, reload, and have at again!


     Thanks guys for listening.



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I agree James. Breaking free of that brainwashing is a process. Some people are unable to break free. I am glad that I broke free.


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