I'm interested in hearing your opinion about this new law here in the U.S.  Are you...

1) Totally for it.

2) For it, but would like to see some parts repealed.

3) Totally against it and would like to see the system remain the same as before the law.

4) Totally against it but would like to see something else in its place.

5) Don't care... Shut it... Next!

I think I covered all the possible categories.  But if you don't like them, let me know what you think.  Personally, I'm #4.

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You raise some good points.  The existing HC industry is for this bill because it appeases a system of which they have already become accustomed.  The idea that a doctor may have to return to the days of taking a chicken as payment scares the hell out of them.  Not that that is what an alternative system outlawing private health insurance would do.  But it does expose the true motivations of the existing healthcare administrators.  They can make more money WITH the existence of private insurance than without it.  And who has to pay for all that extra?

Brings me back to the point that this bill only has the potential of stabilizing High costs.  In no way can it bring Down the high costs of healthcare.  The word "affordable" is a subjective definition where the Baby Boomers can continue to "afford" the existing high costs with all their pension plans and money they've earned over the decades during good economies.  The younger generation are the ones getting screwed here...  paying now for some "promise" by private insurance in the future.  Unbelievable !!!

"More efficient" includes, among other things...

- fewer middlemen

- less administration

- lower pay for medical providers ($800,000 year for a surgeon???)

- less emphasis on expensive care that prolongs life of terminally ill patients by 2 more weeks (HUGE cost driver right now)

- remove the medical profession from its pedestal and treat medical doctors just like another other professional (such as engineers)

- fewer tests/drugs/procedures prescribed for doctors to cover their ass in case of malpractice suits

- tort reform

- ....

Marc Green,

The dropping of people when they get sick was one of the legitimate issues the bill did cover so if it were repealed that would need to be in any new bill. I was not saying it allowed people to be dropped.

It also covers preexisting conditions but I think a more well thought out approach to the issue should be taken.

Also people should be allowed to purchase insurance across state lines, any reasonable sized company can handle the differences in health care laws between states and act accordingly.


You are correct.  I did not mean to imply you thought the bill would allow people to be dropped.  My apologies if it sounded that way.  And I think you are absolutely correct about the state lines issue.  How in the world did that ever become SOP?


I'm very much for it! However like others here have said I would like to see a public option.


I am not of the mind that the President "caved". I understand how government works. I also understand the new Republican Party is so bat crap crazy they will do anything to make President Obama a one term President.

That is why a lot of red states didn't take the stimulus money.

It wasn't because they have integrity and feel they are above taking "government handouts".

It was because they knew without government money, teachers, police fire fighters and other public sector jobs would be cut! If the public sector suffered the economy stabilizes at a slower rate. If the economy stabilizes at a slower rate people will get angry. When angry people vote they vote against their best interest....they vote REPUBLICAN.

Unfortunately the propaganda machine is huge! They tell religious people that the healthcare bill is for people to have abortions!

Then they go and tell people who may be taking care of their elderly parents/grandparents that there will be death panels (Sarah Palin I’m talking about you!)

You get my point? So it’s up to us to BE educated and informed.



So please do not blame the President. The President needs a congress that is willing to work with him and for the best interest of the people NOT their pockets!

Now with this Citizens United crap that virtually said money = votes. So now regular folks like me and the other 99% have no voice while millionaires and billionaires make their money count!

And that is the disgusting reality!


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