ACLU encourages and succeeds in getting a NC School Board to Ban prayer at all Upcoming Events!

The ACLU is successful once again in protecting the rights of minorities.  I was very happcy to read this news story.  Then I scrolled down to the comment section.  This is where things go bad.  The ignorance in those comments literally burns.  I would really appreciate my fellow Nexus Atheists to join me in adding reason to this conversation.  I know mostly everyone lives somewhere other than North Carolina but I feel this is bigger than just my state.    If you can please click on this link and leave a comment to help even out the responses.

Thank you Everyone in Advance!

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Well said. I find myself using that chapter of Matthew a LOT around here.

Thanks Everyone!

just want to congratulate myself on becoming a CARD CARRYING MEMBER OF THE ACLU this weekend.  i've been flirting with the idea for months, but ran across a gay ACLU advocate over the weekend who was raising money at a local outdoor shopping mall.  i happily paid the $300 lifetime membership fee and i'm excited to be a part of their phenomenal organization. 

now, i have to figure out how to break the news to my step-father.  he may have an aneurism. 

Yay Matthew!  Congrats on getting a lifetime membership.  What a great way to spend your money!  Too bad for your step-father.~ Melinda

thanks Melinda.  the guy was so nice and informed.  he was looking for donations of $25.26 to protest a particular anti-gay bill by the same number.  he said that kind of donation, if it came from many, gets lawmakers attention.  since i wanted to give more, i suggested $252.60, and he told me that i might as well go the $300 for a lifetime membership. 

i still haven't had the heart to break it to my bigoted family (yes, unfortunately including my mother - sigh). 

You could always buy your step-father a lifetime membership in his name, and give it to him as holiday present. Then, explain it's a form of "bonding" between you. Sorry, that's the cruel streak coming out in me.

i'm pretty sure he would stop talking to me if i did that. 

the other day, he tried to compare the RCC giving payouts to defrock pedophile priests to the Solyndra issue.  he said what's the difference?  i nearly stopped talking to him after that one. 

Ahhh... The joy of family.  Especially the conservative christian ones who make sure you know all their opinions....

That is so awesome that you were able to get your ACLU membership while helping that guy out at the same time.  One day I hope I will be able to join the ACLU.  It really got to me on that comment section that many were making them out to be equal to Nazis.  The ACLU stands up for minorities so people demonize them.  What is wrong with this world!?

i know, right?  it's amazing that a group that defends CIVIL RIGHTS gets demonized.  it's amazing that my family would be horrified if they knew i joined.  and they know i'm an Atheist. 

If there is one thing you can say about American Majority is that it never learns from its history.  Prohibition and Civil Rights, wtf...

One thing I always like to point out to them when they go on their rampage about the ACLU, is how that organization represented Jerry Falwell, the KKK, Oliver North, and former Sen. Larry Craig of airport bathroom fame, when their rights were threatened. They usually stand there with the mouth open, and before they respond, I usually say something like, "I guess protecting the rights of all just depends on whose ox is getting gored, right?" 

Pat, what you said reminded me of a quote I saw on FB (sorry, don't remember who it was by) that said something along the line of you know you are making 'god' in your image when that 'god' hates all the same people you do.  So true!


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