According to this quiz, I Will go to the Sixth Level of Hell

When I was on the website BuzzFeed today, I came across a quiz entitled "Which Circle of Hell Will You Go To." Now, like most of us here, I very highly doubt the existence of Hell (And Heaven, for that matter.) But as is with all the other online personality quizzes I take, I took this one, because I was bored. You could say I took this quiz for the Hell of it. (Pun totally intended.) I took the quiz, and my result was the Sixth Level of Hell (Heresy.) I posted the link to this quiz, because I think it would fun for people here to take it, and post their results. I look forward to seeing everyone's results.

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It has me going to the 8th circle. To be honest, I had no idea what to check for many of the questions. Some I check the only thing I knew. I never heard of even one of the 90s songs.

I figured I belonged in lust, or gluttony, or heresy.

I'm with you, SB.  I didn't care for any of the song choices, nor the characters.  Just at random, I took "You Oughta Know" and Tony Soprano to fill out my choices and got landed in the 9th level of hell ... to which my question is very simple:


Well Loren, you and I will not be in the 9th level of hell together since there isn't one!

Nope ... nor an 8th level, 7th level, 6th level ... I think there's a pattern here...

I got level 9. Treachery! It says Im Really Bad! Geez, just because I picked an Alanis Morissett song, chocolate sauce on my frozen yogurt, and Anna Karenina! Lol

6 for me too......silly, but kind of fun.

Loren and I got the worst level you can get! LOL!

I got the 8th level, but had no idea what the quiz was about anyway. Oh, well.

I never could get past level 6.  I think Homer Simpson and Harry Potter kinda did me in, but you know it might have been the strawberries...

I'm going to the ninth level too.
Because I didn't like choice of toppings and don't care for valentine day?
That's as dumb as religious rules.

The second level of hell for me (Lust). I guess I am not as bad as you guys.

You've gotta try harder.


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