A second request: A public appeal to member Debra Stevenson, a.k.a. Brandi Amari Williams

Brandi, you are monopolizing all the space on this website.  You need to set up your own personal blog to post your articles and then reference a link to it in your profile

Atheist/Nexus is not your personal forum, it belongs to all of us.  Not only are you being extremely rude, you are treating others unfairly by causing their posts to quickly vanish from the Forum and Blog boards with your excessive and rapid "drive-by" style of cut and paste.  Many of your postings are in multiple parts, which take up precious space and banish all other posts from view.

I previously called your attention to this same behavior back in April.  Unfortunately, it seems you have decided that you don't care and that you don't wish to allow equal room and equal time for others here.

I know I'm not the only person annoyed by your actions, as other members here have expressed the same sentiment and have publicly mentioned this to you as well.   

I urge all members here to contact our administrator, Richard Haynes, if this type of overbearing behavior continues. 


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FA, those were my thoughts about her as well.

Isn't that funny FA......I also had it run through my mind that she wasn't an atheist, & being a part of soooooo many religions just made me think she was trying to find a comfort zone, not necessarily a belief system......a "flighty" sort of thing, to me anyway.

I just kept quiet for months & months without comment on any of her ramblings & pastes, then when so many others had already said something, I felt it was time to say my piece as well. It was not "ganging up" as far as I was comcerned, but to make her see how many people she was driving away from her & probably the site.

I should not have to stop following my groups because one person wants to fill the pages up with all that stuff. I come here for entertainment & to maybe learn something along the way......& her ramblings are not "entertainment" to me, so I stopped reading them months ago. I just had to keep sorting through my emails to get rid of her notices to get to my real emails! 

I personally think Debra/Brandi was not only unable but unwilling to modify her behavior.  She openly expressed as much with her "compromise."

I don't see why you think that.  She said repeatedly that she would tone it down. 

If someone is bothering other people, that's an issue the moderators should be dealing with - rather than attacking Debra.

I have seen things on here that were all-out personal attacks on her, and clearly a violation of the site rules.  

Perhaps not enough people who were bothered, complained to moderators. There's no reason for me to be grateful for people being silent for a long time, and I'm not grateful for that.  

If people are bothered, it's much better to complain to the moderator than to bash at Debra.

Perhaps it's an issue with moderators trying to be too slack. 

You say yourself "she is a good person".  I don't know whether she's good or not.  But I think she has issues about being accepted/rejected - fear of not being accepted (which she said herself).  Unfortunately, driving her away by throwing tons of negative stuff at her, just gives her one more experience of being rejected!

I hate to see someone's pain being reinforced.  This website can deal with bothersome behavior in better ways than that!

It would have been much kinder if a moderator had simply told her something like, "No more than 5 posts per day"  - rather than a bunch of people throwing pejoratives in her direction. 

Perhaps moderators didn't intervene because she wasn't posting abusive content.  She wasn't being a troll - but perhaps needy and insecure and conflicted. 

I hope she comes back under another name, posting in a more restrained, less cut and paste and more personal way - as she said she would. 

ps   I did go to the trouble of making a blog post of my own, to illustrate how people can put a lot of content into one blog post - with a table of contents linking to bookmarks in the same post.  I was trying to resolve the conflict.

It wasn't necessary to push her out or to say there's anything wrong about her.

All that was ever necessary, was to get her to post in a way that didn't crowd the site so much.  Or if she wouldn't do this voluntarily, to get a moderator to force her to do this. 

i'm glad this was brought up.  it seemed as though the whole site was hijacked by one member.  i can't tell if the issue has been resolved but in a brief scanning of the recent Discussions and Blog Posts it seems as though her content has been erased or she has corrected the problem.  thanks Flying Atheist for starting this discussion.

I have plenty of compassion for people who have circumstances they had no control over, but I'm tired of being expected to have compassion for every person with a ''problem'' like constantly posting dozens of things when not forced to do so.

Seems to me the first request to cool it was rather polite & of course that changed absolutely nothing, so stronger measures had to be taken to get through, which obviously still didn't.

Not all of us had great parentage, & we don't take over a website with constant rambling posts!!!! I for one don't need to be hit with a sledge hammer to back off!!!!

I agree Patricia, and I'm really glad The Flying Atheist started this thread.  If she said she would stop, she didn't, and so she needed to be called-out.  She was not attacked in my opinion.  It's funny that I predicted exactly who would defend her.  This site isn't here to babysit people, but I don't like what she was doing, and I also won't engage with abrasive people.  I come here because it's usually a nice place to be.

It's not that she didn't stop, but her reaction to me in particular was rather troubling.  First a post saying I was upset with her, then another attempting to apologize, both of them quite public when they didn't need to be, that kind of action struck me as being ... well, frankly, disturbed.  She seemed to be forever saying she was sorry for upsetting someone in her comments, though her attitude never seemed particularly remorseful.  It was always as though she was insistent on justifying herself, her actions or her position.  Her efforts struck me as, pardon the phrase, "pissing into the wind."

Bottom line: she's gone, and I'm glad of it.  End of story.

Me to Loren.  There have been several people who have come to this site going gangbusters, are very aggressive, sort of take-over the threads for a few months, then they're gone like the wind.  I just don't engage with them anymore.  There are people that I won't engage with.  I don't need high blood-pressure.  I like people who are rational, nice, interesting, etc.  I'm not going to argue or listen to someone that's trying to make me feel dumb.  (I'm not talking about your and Brandi's exchanges anymore, just making some points about the site.)

I saw nothing Loren, that seemed the least bit "upsetting" & mountains out of molehills comes to mind. I also am not thrilled with someone trying to force anyone to think the same way they do. I had doubts about her atheism from the time I began to notice her.

At least now I don't have to opt out of following my groups......

Patricia, you "had doubts about her atheism." We may be saying the same thing, but I saw a person who had been so many different things in religion that she wasn't sure who she was or what she wanted. In effect, if she was "real" then she is still searching.

As I said way back, she seems to be looking for a comfort zone & belief system so keeps joining things until she finds it. In her case, she likely never will until she tries to grow up some, but may not find anything even then.


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