So I reluctantly talked to my next-door militant right-wing, born-again, f-ing crazy neighbor because we walked out of our (close together) garage doors at the same time.  Her granddaughter is in inpatient treatment for anorexia.  I politely asked how she was doing.  I should have known better.  Well.  They know some people whose granddaughter had anorexia for 5 years, and after 5 years of praying, she was cured.  WHAT?!!!  What about the counselors, and doctors, etc.?!  No, it's all about the praying.  Well I am mad I didn't have the guts to ask why they put her in treatment at all if it's just about praying?!  THEN.  She starts in on ObamaCare, and Socialists, and how "they" (meaning poor and not white) are going to take all the medical care away from "us" (white and middle-class.)  Then I DID say, that you cannot morally let little kids die because they have no medical care.  To which she said that they get the treatment they need anyway, and we are all going to have to die at 70 if Obamacare doesn't stop.  There really was no reason to even argue with her, it would be like arguing with a potato.  She KNOWS we have a son with type 1 diabetes who needs to stay on our healthcare, etc.  I truly believe you can't be a republican and follow jebus at the same time.  She wouldn't get it if I explained it to her until I was blue in the face.

I'm done being nice.  I will wave my hand at her when I see her, but that's it.  She is immoral, and thinks she's superior to me (although if I actually told her what I thought of her religion, she'd probably drop dead from shock.)

I seriously can't stand the majority of people in the world.  Or at least the U.S.. Present company excluded. ~ Mindy

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When a tragedy occurs, the religious turn to prayer.  Did it ever cross their minds that the tragedy (act of God) that they are praying for help about, could have been stopped or caused by the person they are praying to?

That's the whole point.  If you imagine that even horrors and tragedy are caused by a benevolent being, it softens reality. 

Tragedy and horrors cannot be caused by a benevolent being. Otherwise it wouldn't be benevolent. Also I'm more pissed about the hypocrisy and predjudice. She's just too stupid. I hate stupid.

I think they feel the existence of God is so much more good than the badness of any tragedy or horror, that the horrors of life pale in comparison ...

If such a thing were true, tragedies would pale in comparison.  If one could expect endless bliss after death, any anguish in life would be a tiny thing. 

Also religious people feel that it's all FOR something, that tragedies are part of some grand and good plan. 

But how can an intelligent person say they follow "jesus" who supposedly said things about leaving your worldly goods behind and helping the poor, and then say they don't believe the poor should have health care, etc...  It infuriates me.  It's no use either.  You can't fix stupid.

Linus never could even imagine letting go of that wonderful baby blue security blanket.

At least the blanket could be useful by keeping him warm! (If he weren't a cartoon of course! ;)

I guess I should have left that quote off the bottom. I know why people are religious. I should have just talked about her stupidity re- Obamacare, being a hypocrite, and thinking SHE is teaching ME, which is insane since I am not a hypocrite, I am not prejudice, and I don't have invisible friends.

I don't have invisible friends either.

So, a little sarcasm may be called for. Yes, definitely use the facts about Obamacare, good and bad, and let her know you are informed. You don't need her instructions. The fact is, you disagree on the principles and I would ask her to justify her principles. 

I wouldn't want to talk to her anymore either. I think it is best to stay away from some people.

Brandi, that is so sweet of you!  Thank-you!  I wish we could all be real life neighbors!  What cool block parties we could have!!!

Not long ago, Mindy, I was talking to my neighbor, a Catholic man who is seldom home. I was having a beer and found him outside doing yard work as I was doing an antenna project. We've talked many things before and I like to present atheist views, perhaps as only an ex preacher could do. My neighbor agrees with me fully. We talked for 45 minutes and he agrees. Finally he tells me that he has a SOUL and someday he will die and that soul will be set free. He was so excited about it that I'm surprised that he's not trying to hurry it along some. My mind says, "you have a soul. Isn't that how we all got to this mistaken belief system anyway?" Trying to tell him that he is the soul, or that he became a living soul at his birth did no good, so I quit quietly.

As for Obamacare, many forget that it's all about every person having insurance. It's a start, even if you think it's done wrong. Why would you have to die at 70? Why would people believe this and other myths about it when they have seen nothing in writing about it? People are so damned stupid that it isn't funny!


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