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"the stupid it burns!", LOL I am going to have to start saying that!!!

Heh, can you smell the smoke from North Carolina?

lol, no, but we have some of that here in Northern IL unfortunately.  Right next-door literally!

Can you send ammo and rations, we're surrounded!

Sure, not sure we have enough though, there are too many of them EVERYWHERE! AARRRGGGGHHHHHH! ;)


You replied to me (somewhere, lol) that you had fun talking to me today.  Well I had fun talking to you too! ~ Melinda :)

LOL I still love the line, I think it was comedian Bill Hicks, he said "The Christians will claim the fossils were put here to test our faith." - and he said something like, "and you were put here to test mine!"

Visibly? Do you see fear? Confusion? Have you thought about why? If you have, can you tell us the why?

Eugenie Scott (of The National Centre for Science Education) uses a graph very similar in detail (produced by Gallop) in her recent talk at Transylvania University. The tile of the talk is " What would  Darwin say to Todays  Creationists " I have mentioned this so I can provide a link to the video. Why you may ask ? the answer is quite simple,  I enjoy seeing creationism destroyed and thought I would share the joy,!

Excellent piece, Jeremy.  The shame is that there isn't a creationist with the guts to actually WATCH it ... except maybe those who are so deluded that they'd claim that 2 + 2 = 3.

I'll have to watch this one, I can't believe I hadn't seen this one yet, thanks!

They also fail to recognize or acknowledge the multiple DUPLICATIONS (never mind similarities) at the genetic level, not just between similar species but amongst ALL species.  If some deity did all of this, he plagiarized himself ridiculously often!


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