Evolution happens slowly with human beings, especially since each human generation is about 20 years.

But technological change and social change happens much, much faster. 

So our psychological and physical makeup is ill-suited to the environment we have made for ourselves. 


- Modern food supply results in a diet that is very different from what hunter-gatherers generally ate, which is part of the reason for the obesity epidemic.  Also the modern diet results in a different microbial ecosystem in the gut vs. hunter-gatherer diets, which has many health consequences that researchers are unraveling. 

- Common use of antibiotics also may be part of the reason for the high rate of allergies and autoimmune diseases in developed countries. 

- People are psychologically not well adapted to city living, where they have to interact with a lot of people they don't know. 

- We have a deep affinity for natural environments, yet many of us have to live in artificial environments.

- Video is seductive, that is part of internet addiction.

Other ways you can think of?

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In my opinion one of the most fundamental human problems we face is that not all human beings have outgrown religion, especially fundamentalist religion. But even liberal and moderate religions make it possible for the development of extremist fundamentalist religious views. Religion has been, throughout the millennia, the cause of much oppression, genocide, and war, and still is today. Atheist leaders like Stalin or Pol Pot who were undoubtedly evil men did not do their evil deeds in the name of atheism. Their evil arose from their greed for absolute power over the people they ruled. In effect they set themselves up as gods. And while greed for absolute power over all is also manifested in extremist religious views, it is done in the name of God based on what the extremists believe what God wants them to do to realize his rule on earth.

Religion is anti-reason, anti-philosophy, and anti-science; perhaps not so much liberal and moderate theology, as they do recognize the benefits of most of science's discoveries and inventions, but when it comes to the biological science of evolution by natural selection, even liberal and moderate theists do not understand it as do 93% of scientists, that it is unintelligently guided by natural forces and processes without the aid of any supernatural being.

OK, in what way is this a problem that arises because of our not evolving fast enough for the changes we ourselves have made?

For one thing, as is well known to many, so many pounds of uranium are unaccounted for in Russia's nuclear stockpile. It has to be somewhere, likely in the hands of religiously motivated terrorists. Not having yet evolved beyond the need for religion, putting potential nuclear weapons into the hands of terrorists is like giving a monkey a loaded gun. Also, because we have not yet, and perhaps never will, evolved beyond religion, a great many human beings, billions, take their particular holy books literally, including any apocalyptic writings in them. It would bring ecstatic joy to many fundamentalists and extremists to see a mushroom cloud blooming on the horizon, as they would take it to mean that the apocalypse has finally begun and their Savior, whether Christ or the Mahdi, is about to return. Extremists and fundamentalists have a bronze age mentality, and it is manifested in many ways, such as mistrust in modern medicine such as vaccinations. Because of their mentality they cannot see the benefits of modern technology.

They deny human caused global climate change brought about by the very science that has benefited us in so many ways, the same science that we can use to reverse climate change by employing new and developing technologies. These are just two examples of how unevolving religion causes societal problems with an evolving technology.


It has to be somewhere, likely in the hands of religiously motivated terrorists.

Your evidence?

Not that the uranium is somewhere, but it's in the hands of terrorists.

putting potential nuclear weapons into the hands of terrorists is like giving a monkey a loaded gun.

I wish those terrorists were no more dangerous than monkeys.

Let's look at it this way Tom. The missing uranium has to be somewhere. It's not like uranium simply evaporates into thin air, and I doubt that some bored Russian teens out for a good time stole it just for something to do. Granted this is not evidence, as I have none. But it is my theory that it is somewhere out on the black market, if not already sold. Maybe it's not in the hands of terrorists. What is your theory of where it might be ?

I have no theory, Anthony; I'm too busy reading, and sometimes writing, porn.

I'm teasing; I lots of stuff besides porn.

I'm pretty busy reading most of the time also Tom. I have many books on many subjects, but mostly on atheism. I admire and respect the well read person.

assholes hijack the education system(s) @ least in the USA.. 
people die down the line due to that. that's fubar. (the real horses of greed and oppression do not want to be recognized; the owners of the horses want to be served and adored for some shitty reason) 
we all know who the assholes are.

In my opinion, greed, lust and  fast changing values constitute the main problems for human happiness. Greed and lust have always been a major human problem since ancient times and that was the reason why most ancient religions advise a life of renunciation.

When I was an active christian, by active I mean teach Sunday School, participate in women's activities, work on projects having to do with poverty, family violence, and stuff like that. I listened to the sermons and reflected that I did all the things the preachers and teachers said a good christian does while thinking, I am not the one who should be hearing this and adhering to the principles. You know the old bromides, self-sacrifice, give, don't judge, love people to the lord. Stuff like that. The person who should be doing these things were the bullies and thugs I loved who hurt me and my children physically and mentally and emotionally. With all my adventures, I have never been hurt by a stranger, even when I was in far away places of the Middle East and Asia. The only place I received black eyes, bruises, contusions, abrasions and bone fractures was in my own home by the men I loved and to whom I submitted.

Leaving my own home, rejecting my family's admonitions, I was able to create a safe, secure, stable place without being hurt and humiliated. 

I'm pissed. 

On the other hand, I am so grateful that I am alive at this time of history. Many women have made a decision to not be scapegoats for the sick egos of male dominators. I am free to hate and not forgive them. They don't deserve forgiveness. I am able to build a community of friends who encourage my flourishing and it doesn't cost them a thing. We all benefit by my freedom from tyranny. 

Archeology hardly ever turns up a body of anyone who lived beyond 50. Throughout most of human history most human beings died before reaching two score and ten. Only in the last century has life expectancy increased to the point where the majority of the human race lives beyond the age of reproduction and into old age.

Evolution prepared people for a life that was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" in the words of Thomas Hobbes. We have taken great strides to ameliorate that characterization and human beings are resilient and adaptable, but evolution has not caught up with us and probably never will. On the other hand no one in their right mind wants to return to the conditions for which we are so superbly suited by nature.

Mostly old people use up resources either because they are smug or decrepid. There are too many old people and irs expensive. Take away the crutches of medicine and surgery I say. Be glad to live to live till 70 yrs.

When I see how much we older folks still have to do to educate all you younger people into humane attitudes, I am inspired to hang around a bit longer and use up resources at your expense.


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