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The Rule

8. Religious proselytizing is an automatic ban.

The Reason

There are a number of reasons for this. First, and most important is safty. Many religions have pronounced stiff penalties for apostasy and many religious followers have bent their will toward harming the non-religious as a matter of course. Because we want Atheist Nexus to be a place where people feel safe enough to let their guard down and just relax among like-minded people, we do not allow religious people to create accounts here.

Also, it's just another kind of spam. We don't allow spam here as per rule #9

The Action

Religious proselytizers are banned from the site.

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Excellent. Firm and simple.

I realize money is money but...

..."and I'm a Moronmon" banners at the top of the page is such a breath of fresh vomit...

ha, freethinkers, heatseekers, tiz so!

Love that phrase SC13.  "such a breath of fresh vomit..."

I think it's a shame... I welcome theists to argue and post stuff on my site.

Well certainly.  But that's not the point of this site.  This site is here to help us get away from the constant squabble with religious types, so that we can squabble amongst ourselves.
Haha awesome. But I want to to demand the right to participate in Islamic, Christian, Mormon and Scientologist forums!

THere are many places where people can engage the theist Borg and battle their inane minions.  From its inception, Nexus has been a place to form community of nontheists.  From time to time theists have committed the sin of claiming to not beleive in their god in order to infiltrate this site.  They are gone. 


We have plenty of arguments amongst ourselves, even leading to bad will and schism - we don't need theists here as well.  Let them have facebook, news sites, and the miriad other places where the spread their filth.

  • From time to time theists have committed the sin of claiming to not beleive in their god in order to infiltrate this site.  They are gone.

I've heard about this sort of thing, but I haven't been on here long enough to notice any of it.


What's the point?  I just don't see their motivation for doing it.  Is it just to read what we say when the fundies aren't looking?  Do they think they can infiltrate the discussion and influence us without us noticing?  Do they see a huge cluster of atheists and think it's proselytization time, and that we won't ban them back to the DOS Age for violating the agreement they signed upon joining?


I just don't get it.  What do they even do when they get on here?

You are right, it's mostly start arguments and proselytise.  I don't get it either but they are disruptive.  Some members here need the privacy away from their family and community religious enforcers  - they feel safer knowing that mom and dad and the local imam can't get involved without proclaiming nontheism first.  It's still internet so still privacy is not perfect, by far, but it's still a place where people can be themselves in a way they can't with theists around.


Aside from that, I can't attribute "reason" to theists.  They do what they do for their own mindset.

So, we've had them just wander in and start preaching, in the past?  Christ.  I mean I know a lot of evangelists can be completely oblivious to decorum, but that goes beyond any sort of intelligence.

OK, but why allow sectarian groups like Jewish Humanists to advertise on the site?  Isn't this still selling religion but without god?

Err, do we have them doing this?  I wasn't aware that it was a problem.  I didn't even think Jews did proselytizing.


Your use of the word 'advertise' makes me think you're referring to the ads around the edges of every page.  Is that what you mean?  If that's the case, then we have no control of it.  That's the stuff that Google Ad Services throws at us.  We get Muslim and Mormon ads, as well.


If you mean the ads off to the right which are specifically purchased for this site, such as the one for Dr. Darrel Ray's book ... I dunno.  If a Jewish Humanist group wanted to buy an ad there, I wouldn't really have a problem with it.  I can see how some people might see it as a bit of a gray area, but I dunno.  They're not really a religion, just a philosophy, sort of like the Buddhists.  I agree with almost nothing in their philosophy, but that doesn't mean it's a religion.


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