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The Rule

8. Religious proselytizing is an automatic ban.

The Reason

There are a number of reasons for this. First, and most important is safty. Many religions have pronounced stiff penalties for apostasy and many religious followers have bent their will toward harming the non-religious as a matter of course. Because we want Atheist Nexus to be a place where people feel safe enough to let their guard down and just relax among like-minded people, we do not allow religious people to create accounts here.

Also, it's just another kind of spam. We don't allow spam here as per rule #9

The Action

Religious proselytizers are banned from the site.

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Amen! Now how about a prayer!


Our Father, who aren't in heaven

Hollow is thy name

Thy kingdom is done,

Free will has come

On Earth

As there is no heaven




Thank you.  Now I have something to utter under my breath when I have to attend the family religious gatherings... trying to talk to that lot is, well, trying...

Well, yeah.  The conversation threads are Google-search-able.  Don't have to be signed in to read them, I don't think.

It looks like there's a last name in your profile URL -- that can retain a name someone originally used to join the site. You can fix it: Settings (upper right), My Page (upper left), fix the Address, click Save.

I believe the fix is retroactive to old comments. I found this about requesting Google to remove the search results once they stop linking to A|N:


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