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Some of these concepts are scientific... others not so.


I was recently watching a documentary about the origins of the universe and a scientist postulated that the universe may have been created by the two membranous universes colliding to create this one.


Furthermore, there is the theory there may be numerous (if not an infinite number of) universes - a multiverse - each with its own physical laws, ie, so what may be possibly in one universe may be considered improbable in another.


The membranous universe idea reminds me of another theory that we live in a holographic universe that "can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure "painted" on the cosmological horizon"


There are some people that think we will eventually find a superior being so advanced that superstitious people may mistake it to be a god; even that this being may have the ability to create worlds (but of course it isn't god and will be as subject to scientific laws as anything else in the universe(s)).


Other people believe that life in the universe is some kind of simulation in a super computer.


The last two fit into what I dreamed about as a small child (I had a fanciful imagination!). I often dreamed that a husk of a planet was discovered by a race of super beings who found traces of DNA and other materials belonging to a long-dead ecosystem (ours). The beings reconstructed what they could and used this recreation to teach their children. Human consciousness is actually just the alien child or viewer inhabiting a 'human character' and experiencing life as long-since-extinct mankind may have experienced it billions of years previously. When a life is over the alien child comes out of its 'interactive simulation experience' and finds itself back in its school classroom (if indeed superior beings need to go to school!). If the child chooses, it can experience every life (human or otherwise) that has ever existed without seriously impinging on its own life span...

Please note that I do not think this now! I'm sure they put something in the school milk back in the 1970s!


Does anyone have any other 21st century atheist 'creation' stories or concepts based either on genuine scientific theories or what your own imaginations invented?

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