I really, really don't like this bit -

We are not a herd of cats,
but a pride of lions.

That just reeks of Jihadist sentiment.

Just my opinion.

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This started as a comment from the founding of the site and then with Kym's statement on the Infidel Guy show. It was a comeback to the "can't herd cats" thing. It is a temporary placeholder for a ongoing rotating variety of quotes. Look at it as a positive argument to the herding cats statement. It is in NO WAY calling people to arms so we can destroy the "non-infidels."
As long as its a placeholder... I'm really a pacifist at heart, but of the kind that reserves the right to kill you if you break into my home. But the "lion" imagery does not sit well with me. Too many lunatics use it.
Since when has anyone ever seen a herd of cats? Anyhow, an aggregate of grown cats is a clowder.

I realize this is moot now... but in a pride of lions, the lionesses do most of the work. I don't mind pulling my weight, and maybe some weight for a few people unable to pull their own... but I am not chasing down zebras (so to speak) while perfectly able lions sit on their haunches, preening their manes.
Eve, I'm all for that! It's about time we have a matriarchal society. Feel free to kill all the zebras for me. I'll promise not to criticize your cooking. Unless your analogy requires the males to prepare the food. No wonder lions eat it raw. ;)
The thing with cats is about "herding cats" because cats are NON-herding by nature! So, the phrase "a herd of cats" is just plain stupid.
Trying to herd atheists together to get anything done is as difficult as trying to herd cats.

In other words...it ain't happening.


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