Any other Aussie atheists here? I realise the Yankee Doodles have far more pressing problems than we have with the fundamentalists, but we have to work to ensure our government isn't similarly tarnished by religious fundamentalism.

We've already had both Howard and Rudd kow-towing to Hillsong Church during the election - and although the fundamentalist Family First party seems hopeless, they have managed to find some traction.

Prime Minister Rudd did us proud by apologizing for the Stolen Generation but has stopped the ACT from legalizing gay marriage. Tasmania is next to test the Federal Government's stance on civil unions.

Meanwhile, the Labor Government continues to finance the Exclusive Brethren cult.

Euthanasia is another issue which might be discussed by Aussie atheists after the religious factions in the former Liberal government rescinded the Northern Territory's ruling to legalise it.

There is still lobbying to be done in this country to make sure that we don't end up in the same position as the Americans.

Anyone interested in discussing Australian issues and working together to lobby the government and local representatives with emails on important issues?


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Sorry Kristy not Kirsty
Kristy, Kirsty - just call me Kris, it's easier. Nice to meet you Sean!

Hmmm running around Sydney trying to bait Catholics! That sounds like the kind of thing my cousin, Doug, would do. I must get him to join up here!

I saw the gift shop attached to the Catholic World Youth Day gathering in Sydney. Honestly, it was sickening and so hypocritical I could have thrown up. And there was Archbishop Battersby grinning away saying, "Ah well, yes, we hope we make some good profits from the gift shop!" WTF???????
Damn! Cardinal Pell - not Archbishop Battersby. They all bloody well look alike, don't they? ;-)
Rudds' already started placing clergy as counselors in public schools.

These things are disappointing to hear. I didn't know much about Howard, except that his approach to the "War on Terror" was Bush-approved. I thought it swell you got rid of him. But, now this. It's like, here, thinking Obama's going to place religion back into the privacy of folks' homes only to come out and say he's expanding Bush's Faith Based Initiative program. Disappointing.

Given Australia's penchant for following Americas lead, I wouldn't be surprised if aussie fundies start pushing for creationism to be taught as science in schools someday

Apologies ahead of time.
Oh, ah, but now we've got this. *sigh* It's always something. And, just imagine, this guy is in the running for McCain's VP spot. Hilarious.

But, sorry, back to Aussie topics... :)
Good point, Martin! I winced at the idea of placing religious counselors in schools too. I'll run through this blog and take a note of issues that people are concerned about and post a list in a day or two when we'll hopefully have more suggestions.

I don't think we need to be taking to the streets and burning effigies just yet. But sending Letters to the Editor and emails to politicians is a good place to start - and will always have a bigger impact if they get several on the one subject.

I do think we need to be proactive so politicians can sense that going the American route is not going to go unopposed. We probably also need to network with other Aussie atheist/freethinker/humanist/skeptics groups.

Hmmm, this is rather exciting isn't it?
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've started an Aussie/Kiwi/South Pacific Group on Atheist Nexus here:

This will provide us with a forum on which to network, make friends, discuss relevant topics and set up lobby groups if that's the direction in which this group takes us.

It's not MY group, it's YOUR group, so all aboard!

It seems that Atheist Nexus and the Divine Christian Center share the same fax number: 1 (866) 384-8081

Here are the contact details for Atheist Nexus:

Address: P.O. Box 117
Mattoon, IL 61938
Tel: 1(866) 558-1863
Fax: +1(866) 384-8081

I suggest that until some explanation is received - and I can't imagine a reasonable one - that you take extreme care in posting to or promoting this site.
WARNING: It seems that this site may be connected with the Divine Christian Center. Please see my Baur Lounge post on this, and on the Aussie/NZ Group page.

Hi y'all. I've been quietly screaming to myself for some time now. The poop, I mean, pope has been all over the newspapers lately and in all the major newspapers with literally hundreds of articles talking about the pope this, WYD that. And there has hardly been a single article written in criticism of all this delusion. Except I suppose for the Pell stuff, which is of course full of all his apologist crap. The only small shining light I have spotted in the last week was an ironic article in the Australian by Phillip Adams, which was only able to tackle the issue obliquely at best. I'm with Luke - I'm sick of religion pretending they are the moral major. I can't stand that our "leaders" (PM, etc) are openly catholic.
We've been watching the Pell and the Poop on the telly this morning. Bizarre! Ya gotta love Phillip Adams though.

I did see Father Chris Riley having a shot at the pope earlier in the week, together with that curmudgeonly old priest who said they were all happy clappy and that Jesus would have hated the whole thing and they should have the next one in the Sudan where they could all pitch in and do some good.

In Rudd's defence, I have to say that his welcoming speech was pretty secular and he did divide up the Australian population into Catholics, Christians and the 'general population' which I thought was a small concession to us atheists (as well as people of other religions of course).
I wouldn't mind sending emails to the govt. from time to time on important issues. My Mum is a christian and has joined an email alert list on the family first website which they send out to people to let them know about upcoming legislation that they want christians to protest about, so maybe we need someone to join that list and make posts on atheist sites so that we can send some emails giving our point of view. We don't want them to only get emails from christians and think that they represent the general community's views.


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