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Okay, so this is simple. Let's do something to help each other out. Post your blog or blogs, and try to take the time to visit the blogs of others who post here. IE, at least visit the blogs of the people posting before and after you, so check often. Try to comment! I'll be checking in on this thread and visiting and trying to give feedback to every blog posted. I love supporting atheist and liberal blogs. :)

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Replies to This Discussion on dangerous cults, atheism in the news, and the rapture
My blog/hub is at

The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences & views as an everyday atheist. And to read your stories, questions & thoughts on being an atheist.
In an effort to fulfill the description above, I am once again submitting my blog. I've just made some minor changes, and am also looking at all of your great blogs as well!
It's a blog about atheism (duh, really?), amnesty international (which I'm gonna start going soft on while concentrating on the atheism thing)...and more scifi...and geekiness. Check it out..or don't. :) Love..
I post a lot of things written by other people as well as myself and this particular blog is intended as a general exploration of the "new" atheism. I'm always look for interesting content :-).

A New Atheism

I have others as well but won't post them right now.

Enjoy! And feedback, suggestions for improvement, contributions are all welcome!
I'm glad I found this thread! So many new sites to stalk.

My own blog is where I address everything from theology and leaving Christianity to personal interests and social curiosities. And of course it's just a blog, so who really cares what promo I write. Check it out for yourselves, darlings.
This is a great idea, Yvette. :)

I'm Mark and my blog is 40 Year Old Atheist.

There are so many excellent atheist blogs out there, making it difficult to say what makes mine different. I suppose the main thrust of my writing is in the tagline of my blog header which says, "ramblings of a middle-aged guy who found relief through non-belief".

I try to reach out to struggling Christians and suggest that they should go one step further in their investigations and investigate atheism. A good example of this focus is in this link.

It's nice to meet you all. I am looking forward to visiting your blogs. :)

Pure Nothing
Philosophy, atheism, and of course, my outrage with the world!
My blog is called Silence is Betrayal: A Feminist Blog. I write about feminism, liberal/leftist politics, social justice, and of course, atheism. I welcome criticism, advice, and opinions in general. Thanks! :)
My Blog is called Larche's Lynnie. I discuss Politics, Education, Religion, Law, and Books
Infallible Failure. Opinions on current events currently affecting atheists, which a special focus on trying to formalize the arguments made supporting various religious, scientific and pseudoscientific claims, to more clearly see good and bad reasoning.
I discuss many things that intersect with my life. The topics that most often occur are politics and atheism. You can visit it here: Musings From A Nowhere Girl. Hope you enjoy and leave comments if you do!
Well, here's mine... Stig Martyr: The swearing-est blog on Teh Intermaweb. Probably. Yes, it's sweary.

The blog's a bit of a catch-all incorporating rants against fundamentalism, homophobia, racism, stupidity as well as a bit of a photography blog and the occasional YouTube video. So stop by. I'll put the kettle on.


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