Some folks may not have seen this hot babe before -

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Unless it spawned by polyps falling off and growing, someone DID stick their dick in that thing. There's not enough beer in the world...
The christian warrior lady? Seen that. Still creeps me out.
Yah, that aside, I always wondered why she didn't get a heartattack considering how overweight she is...
I think I just threw up a little.
You can't tell me there isn't some deep psychological issues there.
I don't think a taser will stop a charging hippo.


You tas 'er, you brought 'er!
haha, i saw an episode where she went on the show again! i guess she decided that "devil's money" was actually worth it. what a crazy hag.
Oh the minute I saw the picture before playing it, I know exactly which one it was. It only reminds me of how creepy Christians are.
jesus lordy how terrifying!! Some people's brain just don't evolve!!
This could be a fantastic way to lose weight. I'd been eating while watching this and then I just completely lost my appetite. It was amazing. As an added plus, the image of her will make it impossible for even those teenage sexual hormones to make me want to have sex. It's like birth control.


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