Soak this in chilli oil and jam it in their outbox -

Deep in the radioactive bowels of the smashed Chernobyl reactor, a strange new lifeform is blooming.

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Evolution in action in an observable-by-humans space of time.
This is interesting at the same time frightening (thinking of how serious the mutations can be). Since you know, Tjernobyl is probably one of the greatest technological accidents after the dropping of the nuclear bomb (which was in a sense less accidental but the potential of the bomb was definitely not fully realized until the destructive powers was finally properly measured after they dropped it) and Sweden was definitely one of the countries suffering the most from the radoactive particles which the wind brought up here. It poured down with the rain and it wasn't until just recently we were forbidden to pick and eat berries and mushrooms in the forests because of the high level of radoactivity. This is of course a huge thing for Swedes, since we love our forests as a part of our national inheritage. To not freely be able to pick and eat berries and mushrooms is a very bad thing for us, since for us it is in such an integral part of our national mentality.
You know what's sad? The AG crowd wouldn't be impressed.

Apparently is creationist-ville, a mushroom is a species. Also, anything that looks like a cat is part of the cat species, etc. I kid you not.

Maybe that's not true for ALL creationists, but it has been said to me enough times that I am starting to believe it's some sort of doctrine.


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