More censorship through intimidation -

You Still Can't Write About Muhammad

All religion is intrinsically fascist, just some are more fascist than others.

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All religion is fascism, I agree. There is much intolerance in Muslim religion, but I am not sure if it is just the religion in of itself or if it is the fact that teh Muslim religion happens to come from areas that happened to be less culturally evolved.
Islam systematically eradicates critical thinking to an extent that is an order of magnitude beyond any other faith (except maybe for nutcases like Fred Phelps). Even mainstream, moderate Islam fails to take any interest in something like honour killings for instance. They ignore them, don't think of them, above all else don't question them. All answers are to be found in the teachings: all knowledge is already known; all decisions already decided. No need for autonomous mammalian input. Why risk heresy ? Thought crime is punishable by death.

Think about the most moderate Muslim you know, then go ask them about the Danish cartoons. Repeat the process with a moderate Christian and _Life of Brian_.

Felch "showing extraordinary frothing restraint"


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