They're more than just the home of the Pirate Party -

Some very good news.

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I wish I could believe that Sweden is some sort of bellwether for the rest of the world, but Islam has their claws in Europe (especially the UK), and Christianity has theirs around North America's throat. Theists are a dying breed, as science and technology is rapidly accelerating our collective understanding. I think they know this, and they're definitely going to go down fighting. Reports like this are going to fire the first shot, and we might as well do it now, before we completely bend over backwards/forwards to every delusion out there.
We do have some problems with the huge number of immigrants from Iraq. The town of Södertälje near Stockholm, Sweden has accepted as many immigrants from Iraw since the war begun as the whole of USA. I don't think people from Iraq are bad because of their origins, but Islam is a growing force in our society, and I don't feel safe attacking it. But I guess we're better off than most Americans who have politicians voting by faith.

I am also considering voting for the Pirate Party. Not becase I like them, but to show other political parties that I won't accept the fact that they are imposing much unwanted laws on us.
The US really should have been picking up the slack but politically would never do it.
That's it, I'm moving to Sweden and joining the Pirate Party!
So gonna vote on the Pirate Party next election when it turns out all of the other major leading parties are (imo) failing quite badly. Not that I will the Pirate Party will improve a lot, but I rather have them in our government than National Democrats (I think you understand that's a sort of wannabe Nazi party). Btw, the site linked doesn't work, but it's quite a new thing and I haven't heard about it. Not that I am that good at reading even major newspapers and I have had a friend here and been very busy ie not been able to even watch TV much still it should be pretty big news.

Anyway, I guess Sweden of all countries is less affected by everything compared to the rest of Europe, which is ofc rather surprising considering we have the mentality to really whine on everything just because we can :)
Pirates and state sanctioned secularism? Truly, this is the promised land.
old half dead discussion but im answeing anyway..
I live in malmoe, where we have the highest amount of immigrants in sweden, so it's quite multi-culti. But that also means quite religious. It's very hard to discuss topics of this, since everytime you mention Islam as part of the problem, you sound like a racist. I try to only use the term "religion" to avoid it... But there will be a problem in the future if we can't get the people who move here to work within the secularized society we have. Which we, right now, can't.
Hmm, I think islam has to stop being some sort of no-go area of critique.


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