welcome, take a moment to introduce yourselves
we will get the ball rolling on actual topics in a wee bit

i go by msnomer71 on the youtubez but please feel free to call me meredith, i am atheist and a post-modern feminist.
i think this group has a lot of potential.

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Hi all - my name is Mai, and I am both feminist and atheist and proud of it. It's great to be among like minded folks, and I look forward to community with you.
Hiya! I'm Joy - I'm an atheist and a non-mom. I'm married and have a dog and a cat. I'm in my 40s and happy to be this age.

It's really great to finally find a group of atheists to interact within. Really. It's such a relief. Sometimes I feel like I must be the one who is crazy - Like I am the only one who can't see the hidden picture. As if they find a pattern that I don't see, but they are all seeing something a little different from each other. But, honestly, they are seeing a picture that just isn't there.
Hello everyone! Lori S. here. I recently joined the Nexus but have been active in atheist communities for most of this year (organizer of the Meetup group "Heathens Do it Better"). See my page for my bio and interests. Looking forward to meeting, networking, and making new friends. :-)
Hello, my name is Tiffany and I reside in S.E Louisiana. I have been a supporter of female equality for several years now, as well as I am a non-theist. For other interests about me, feel free to check out my profile.
Hi I'm an atheist, humanist and a skeptic. I'm 39, married, and have no kids. Looking forward to meeting you all.
Hi my name is Dianne. I am a 41 year old empty nester, both kids graduated and in college/on their own. Had my babies young. I have been an atheist since I was 15. I grew up in a few different countries and saw first hand the diversities yet strong similarities in all religions. It was the similarities combined with each religion's insistence that their religion was the "true religion" that really opened my eyes. The hypocracy of teaching humanly love as long as that person was in your religion is just wrong. I joined Atheist Nexus this past December and I am just starting to get around and I really like what I see, especially this wonderful group of free-thinking women.
Hi there. I'm a web developer and all around geek (though not as übur-geek as I'd like). I am curious to find out if women tend to have a different perspective on being an atheist. I go by katylava on just about every social network out there.
Hi. My name is Ashley. I am 27, no kids, a husband in a little less than 2 weeks. I am in the process of figuring out what I want to do with my life. :)

I agree about the community aspects of churches pulling families back to religion. My parents started going to a Universalist church when they moved with us when we were young because they wanted to meet people and bring us up with a "moral" environment. I would like to see more community organizations of atheists for academic discussion and a friendly environment for families, based on reason. Sometime when I´m a little more settled, I will look into that.

I´ve never defined myself as a feminist, but now that I´m living in Spain, I feel a little more drive to assert myself as an equal. I find this continually interesting and challenging. There are a lot of power issues and sometimes asserting femininity seems to be an advantage, though in my opinion, it is better left out of a business context. Curious what others think.
I´m actually 26. I have no idea how I lost track of my age just now. Time for coffee.
Hello ladies! My name is Jennifer (but I prefer to go by Jen), I am a mother to one, and a blue star wife (spousal unit is currently training up for a deployment to Iraq). I live in Iowa where I am currently plotting a return to my Aerospace Engineering degree (and I am a total geek/nerd and love it) so I can return to my dream career of being a Rocket Scientist. In the mean time I work for a group of friends in Des Moines. I identify as an atheist, freethinker, and quiet feminist (although that part is getting louder), and I always love to meet new people!
Hello everyone,
I'm married, mother to four beautiful daughters, and a homeschooling SAHM. I've just recently started dipping my toes in feminism. My part of Texas is extremely religious and pro-bibled based gender roles. I'm trying to counteract it with my daughters, first by educating myself, and just from what I've read so far, this group is going to be a huge help.
Hi – I’m Deborah: I am 29, married, no kids. I live in So. California. I am an Auditor for the State of CA, and have an educational/professional background in accounting and finance. I am interested in politics and current events (news junkie). I am also a podcast junkie. I am on the computer more than I read, but wish I did read more. I want to be more involved in the atheist movement - But, I find the everyday chores of working full-time, the commute, dealing with elderly parents, and just "life" seems to get in the way. I wish for even just one of the churches I pass everyday was instead a place to hang out with other atheists... But to go to a meeting or atheist group is not that convenient. I think once the "movement" learns how to better fit into people's lifestyles, particularly women, progress will be made.


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