Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course, the reason I signed up was because I wanted to build atheist communities around the Unitred States...

but for those that are interested, I'm 6'2", thin, never married.... :D

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haha okay then (but only to make Brian jealous ;)
Sign up to hook up? Goodness, no.
can i lock you in my basement and only let you out every other wednesday? if so i am up for it...
to be honest, it is just nice to know there are other atheists with little green dots on the screen. it makes me smile during the work day.
As everyone can clearly see, Adam Savage and I are something of an item, so no hook-ups will be necessary.

Seriously, I'm married to fellow fine member MrPuck, but if anyone wants to ogle, feel free. (Sadly, I couldn't even type that with a straight face.)
Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course!

I certainly didn't come here to talk about religion, that is one of the things I enjoy about being an atheist ! :)

Seriously, I am interested in getting to know other atheists -- in any capacity. I'm hoping that we have enough in common as a group otherwise to socialize.
I fully intend on hooking up with every single person on this site....EVERY.....LAST......ONE......

Ok, not really.

The lube costs alone would be ridiculous...
So how does this work....do we draw names from a hat, alphabetical order, "first come first served" (by member number)...?

Man, I wish I'd read about this in the Terms of Service before signing up.
More like "first served, first come" HAR HAR.

Yeah, sorry about that...
Ok, I admit it crossed my mind. The idea orbited, briefly, in a position slightly higher than 'winning the lottery' before its trajectory was destabilized by a rogue dost mote and it rejoined the Kuiper Belt.

On the other hand...
At least here, instead of scaring the girls off with my insufferable personality, ruggedly unappealing appearance, and my offensive lack of religion I'd only be scaring them off with the first two. C'est la vie.
I'm always on the alert to "hook up" but it's not the entire reason I'm here (...however, it's OK to say it's 99% of my reason - give or take a tad.)

What's the errorbar on your 99% value? +/- 4 points?

Guess maybe I'm looking for people to engage in more creative endeavours, to get "down and dirty" with, and I don't mean that in a narrowly sexual way. It takes time to build friendships anywhere,

Same here. And, what you said, it definitely takes time to build friendships.


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