Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course, the reason I signed up was because I wanted to build atheist communities around the Unitred States...

but for those that are interested, I'm 6'2", thin, never married.... :D

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Mmmm... spicy brains.
I really wanted to check this out. I was on youtube and this guy imrational made a video talking about this site so here I am. I just thought that if someone one wanted to hook up on here would it really be a bad idea? It would have pro's and con's. idk, If you want to meet a Christian throw a pebble, you'll hit one. An atheist not so easy to meet. I'm just tryin to maybe meet some cool people, have some good conversations, and see how far this site goes.
Hey, I joined because of that video too. Too bad I haven't bothered to locate his/her profile...
eh, I hear he's pretty antisocial ;)
I made that comment above and then I scrolled down to see your reply...bad timing on my part lol.
The guy who made that video is the one who started this discussion.
I'm awake.. I'm male... what else would I be doing?
Im a single guy so its no something im opposed to, but i joined because theres not much of a atheist/freethinkers community where i live.
I signed up to meet people, engage in great conversation and pass some downtime. I am married though so the thought of 'hooking up' on here never crossed my mind :-)
yeah, no interest in hooking up, either. just looking for likeminded people.
I figured if I ever decide I need an army of like minded individuals to enlist for a letter writing campaign, or to engage in an Art is Resistance campaign against the coming American Theocracy (or so says the mighty Trent), or to just shout out my frustrations with, that maybe I could find some people.

I'm basically married, but if there's any ladies out there who wouldn't mind helping my girl and I rub out a few big O's in the shower before work some morning, I guess you'd be invited...especially neo-pagan LeaT! Mostly because I think she'd be offended by the suggestion!
Err no, because I understood you were joking ;)


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