If you want to debate the reasons for or against vegetarianism, discuss that here. Otherwise let's stick to the topic.

Why did you stop eating animals?

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veg or Vegan

Because I can't morally support an industry that destroys its workers and the environment as much as the meat industry does.
I originally did it out of purely environmental reasons. I learned about the thermodynamics of food in my highschool bio class, and was astounded by the amount of wasted energy we were pumping into this destructive food system, not to mention after digging deeper into industrial agricultural practices and GMOs... wtf?

After I went vegan, I read more about factory farms (Fast Food Nation), and realized the there is no ethical argument for eating meat. I came to the conclusion that humanity will never have world peace until all life is respected.

Lastly, I practice a lot of martial arts, and saw a boost in my mental and physical health after I stopped living off death. Did some more research about human digestive systems and health.

There is no regret. This is the only way for me.

I'm vegetarian at the moment because I just really love eggs and I'm mad lazy. I plan of getting my own garden and raising my own chickens which I'll treat with love and respect (it's symbiosis, happens in Evolution all the time). 'til then, I'll always eat eggs with a guilty conscience, but I buy free range (whatever that means) in the mean time.

Dinosaurs and nature documentaries.

I didn't like the "meat eater" dinosaurs because they always killed an ate the others ones. I figured out that meat was actually a dead animal, and saw the parallel.

I didn't want to be a hypocrite. I was five or six years old- I didn't even know what hypocrisy meant, but I understood the concept. I didn't even know there was a word for people who didn't eat meat.

I called myself a "plant eater" and later an "herbivore". Only years later did I learn the word "vegetarian".

I'm vegan now.

That is a fantastically uplifting story.....well done

here in Brasil being a vegetarian is an unusual thing, people here eat too much meat, but the number of vegetarians is increasing.for me it was the best change that i have made in my life. bye!

ps. i am learning english, sorry for my mistakes!
Paolo, why did you stop eating meat? Was it love for animals, or environment, or other reasons?
I want to know as well.

I know there are vegan straight edge hardcore in Brazil. It's international babe~!

well done!...your english is great by the way. much better than my non existent portuguese !

animals have the right to live and i am not a blind man. here in Brasil almost everybody eats meat...but i am doing my part.i dont eat meat since i was 18 (now i am 33).i have influenced some people to stop killing. kisses to you!
I think being an Vegan Anti-theist is the most dangerous position a human can take at the moment in modern civilization.

The battle marches on. Lead the victory.

XVX for life, R.A.S.H. 'til death.
"I think being an Vegan Anti-theist is the most dangerous position a human can take at the moment in modern civilization."

Yikes. Thanks for scaring me *grin*. I am a vegan anti-theist with a big mouth....I'm DOOMED!


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