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Were you always an atheist? Were you at one point in time a Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.? What made you stop believing?

I'm sure we could all give voluminous answers to why we don't believe in a personal god including, but not limited to: Personal, philosophical, scientific, historical, etc. reasons; which are all perfectly valid. But I want to know what spurred you to question your former beliefs and become an atheist.

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Not 5 nor 3 nor 3.14159265358979323846…

When I was little I went to a christian elementary school in Mobile, Alabama and I think some of the experiences while there shaped me. I recognized at a young age that people were just using religion as a tool for conformity and only following the rules if it fit their goals.
In my later years is became obvious that many did not even really believe "it", but instead used it as a tool in order to make themselves feel superior from others.
Around the start of high school I started to read much more (mostly fiction), and that was when the light went on finally and I admitted to myself that I was an atheist. Looking back, I suppose I had known it for years, but I just never openly admitted it to myself; always clinging to the idea that what was taught to be as a child was true. Brainwashing children into a religion is horrible and I do not know how any parent can do so, it puts so many barriers for someone to have to overcome in order to be a rational, well rounded and intelligent person.
I was raised Lutheran, though not very strongly. The pastor my mom liked retired, and the new pastor was the "fire and brimstone" type, which she didn't like at all, so we stopped going when I was maybe 10, and my brother 8. I haven't been in a church for anything besides weddings since. Religion was just never really a big part of my life. My mom believes in God, but doesn't push her beliefs on others; my dad seems to be apathetic; and my brother considers himself agnostic (which I would like to think I influenced.) Thus, I was never a strong believer in the first place. In high school, I thought very hard about what I believed, and settled on "agnostic." (This was before I realized one can be both atheist and agnostic.) Early in college, an online friend of mine helped me realized that even if I was unsure and admitted that, theoretically, there could be a god of some sort, I was still an atheist. And that's my super-boring story. =)
Why am I an atheist? There are several reasons. Some of the most important answers are:

I want to do good things for good reasons instead of trying to second-guess the whim of some ill-defined, transcendent mind.

I actually care about whether my beliefs are true or not. If the real point of your religious philosophy is its concern with the truth of reality, then the absolute last things I want to hear in its defense is that I just gotta believe (suspension of disbelief?!), it gives people answers (to problems that religion makes up), and it makes people feel good (a form of recreation?!).
I was a muslim ,a practising muslim ,till i was 13 years of age.Over the next 4-5 years ,i struggled and re-evaluated the basis of my faith.If i were to give a short answer why i stopped believing in a personal god , its most likely due to
3.lack of evidence for god
I never 'became' an atheist, and consider the a- in atheism to be in the same vein as in amoral, lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right and wrong, i.e. I lack the need to believe in anything non-tangible.
If you are not allowed to question something means that someone got no answers, or got something to hide, or both!
I came to a slow realization that I couldn't justify my beliefs. I began to question, and the answers I found weren't very convincing (or could be used to justify any belief). That's the short answer, anyway.
I didn't think about it much. Even felt sort of guilty or somewhat "lazy" for not thinking about it enough, as in "everybody seems to be religious in one sense or another, what's wrong with me?" Then I read a good chunk of the Bible while sitting with my dying father in a hospital room. That got me a' thinkin' and next thing you know, atheist.
My family were 'social' Christians. It was the done thing in Britain just after the 2nd world war. I had a christian lite experience, did all the usual things; Sunday school, choir etc, culminating in confirmation at age 14. When my folks moved to another house, they stopped going to church and so for the next 44 years the only time I ever visited a church was for hatching, matching and dispatching.

Anyway at age 19 I can recall standing in the middle of an airfield. I asked of God the perfectly reasonable question. 'If you're there, show me' He didn't, so I quit and became an atheist.
My mother was Jewish, and my father was Catholic. Neither of them are particularly religious, and were very supportive of free thought.

I had no religious background.

When I was a kid, I rarely thought about religious things. I was an apatheist, I guess? I had other things to think about.

I remember one time, I was reading a parody of the Christian idea of hell, and what would happen if I was not saved. I was young, didn't realize it was a parody, and was quite frightened for a while until my aunt made a remark about, "Those crazies, they're absolutely bonkers!"

Middle school was when I got more interested in religion, and whether or not there was a god. It's also when, I'm rather sad to say, I started to view religion in a more critical light. I questioned why I should accept anything that doesn't have any real backing in evidence.

So over time, I just ended up being an atheist/agnostic.
I was raised as a steady state protestant. My family believed and I went along for the ride. I guess I was a christian but there were always questions and problems with the contradictions in the faith.

In my early 20 I had somewhat of a crisis and was at a crossroads in my life, I never forget a chaplain walking away because if he supported me it would cause problems for him. ( long story )

After that the questions got more and more and the answers less and less.

I still have belief in some form of metaphysical existence because of some weird experiences I have had but I doubt there a god being that is so petty as to demand our strict obedience or it will doom us to a pit of eternal torment.

I guess this is one of the major problems I always had with the christian faith, "God loves you, and is willing to torture you for eternity if you fuck up"
So... Am I the only one who was raised by non-religious parents?
whew, a little tired here, so i'll post the condensed version: It started with anthropology 101. I am a dropout, but anyway, the professor said something like "If you believe in adam and eve, there's the door (pointing to the door)". I was a believer long after, until about age 27, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I caught myself praying, and asked myself "what are you doing?" I tried my no praying experiment, and my life started to clear up. I remember being really interested in human evolution after seeing an early man documentary. About one week after feeling silly for praying, i threw god out on his rear end.


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