Were you always an atheist? Were you at one point in time a Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.? What made you stop believing?

I'm sure we could all give voluminous answers to why we don't believe in a personal god including, but not limited to: Personal, philosophical, scientific, historical, etc. reasons; which are all perfectly valid. But I want to know what spurred you to question your former beliefs and become an atheist.

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I gave up believing ever since I realized the inconsistency of what I was expected to believe in. This happened at a fairly early age; I would say 6 or so. This happened to me so early, I suppose, because I was asking so many questions about god, but no one could give me good answers, if any at all. It wasn't long then til I connected the dots and see the fantasy involved, though complex it was. Ever since then I had been on a quest to un-sew the fabric of religion from our culture the best I could, and learned quite alot in the process.
I freely admit I would like to return to such a religious state, as I understand it's seductive appeal, but only if it were possible to do so without sacrificing reality. No such religion offers such, and the embarassing arguments in the form of apologetics suggests the fact it's a hopeless endeavor.
I just learned about the sciences and philosophy. Logic and mathematics are the only truths and i don't have to believe anything to accept that.
I was a christian in bible college. I have served for over 15 years in the church and slowly have learned the liberating truth of the reality that there is no god. and to claim such is a crime against humans and freedom.
god love you all
Well,I do recall thinking my twin sister was watching me from heaven..i was very young then...When I was,I guess about eight,my brother asked the kids across the street if they went to church.
The response was:"I feel closer to god on the river than in a church."
i remember feeling a jolt of fear at that moment...maybe it was fear god would kill all of us at that moment?
Nothing happened.
Well,for me,I found the whole church experience boring and I didn't give a shit what the bible said.as I got older I really found all this preaching and god discussion by my kin more and more boring and irritating. .My fundy kin helped push me towards atheism cause they believed the whole PLANET was doomed to hell if they did not convert to the COC...I just didn't buy it. They also would NEVER give it a bloody rest...Every time we'd visit,they would ask us if we wanted to go with them to church,after going once, NONE of us (even my methodist loving mother) decided to give it a miss...But they always asked,no matter what. They always managed to talk about religion sometime in the hopes it would sway us to their church..never happened...As I began to think about what the bible and religious people said, and what i saw in reality,it just did not mesh...prayer did nothing and this jeebus dude,at the so called second coming was going to take a giant wine press and make 'rivers of blood" with non believers...And I was supposed to LOVE such a person and worship him? I think not.
By 13,I felt there was a god,but once he created the universe,that was all he was going to do...By my 20's,god went out the window and I was an atheist.
I was raised by christian parents, who believed in rules and regulations, and when I was young, regular church going. This is the surface story and my young life in general.

In truth, Mum was a skeptic, and eventually went to university to study theology. She walked away an athiest. Dad, wasn't that 'into" it all but sort of believed and was raised with it.

I was deliberately never baptised, since mum and dad decided I would make up my own mind. I went to sunday school till 7 yrs of age, and I told mum I didn't want to go anymore. She said no problem. At 14, I finally admited to her I didn't believe(I still didn't know she was an athiest) and my mother began discussing her views with me.

I'm so grateful to my mother especially. She alway's wanted me to think for myself, which ultimately means, that I may not think like her. As an athiest, she took the risk in not sharing her views and simply allowed me to think. She hoped I'd see things clearly.

Of course I did just that. We debate religion , myths and history and often don't agree... but I can honestly say, I became an athiest because with all that was presented to me I simply couldn't accept it. I made up my own mind.

Amazing what happens with a persons mind, when they are given the freedom of thought?
I was originally raised roman catholic and I jokingly call myself uber catholic since my father was a catholic priest (which you know means trouble) during the time of my conception with my mom was one of his parishioners. My ascent into atheism started when I was around 12 years old upon reentering/transferring into catholic school. At first I was more into paganism/wicca/semi-catholic and going through a period of upheaval and extreme change in my life.

My grandmother became extremely ill, the kids at school rejected me as a new classmate, and the eventual lost of my grandmother to sickness which left me looking for something for comfort outside of myself.

This religion hoping went on and off for several years as a teenager into my young adulthood until one day I just stood up and dropped everything religious in my life. Not everything at once but gradual and little by little I felt my anxiety and guilt get off of me and it was like a lightening bolt hit me and everything made sense esxept religion.
My parent's had me baptized for my grandparent's sake but they were hippies (very spiritual). I became a skeptic the day I stopped believing in Santa (first grade). In third grade I gave the bible as much credence as Aesop's fables.
My parents made me attend church (I'm sure this goes for most the same for everyone) anyways, the really odd thing about church was I was inside this building with lots of people inside it..
However something very strange about this was that a building with people in it was "empty"
I'm sorry, but it just never did anything for me at all, I'm a scientist and I look for proof and an empty building with nothing much to show don't hit the spot for me. Religion is a form of government and a repository for language. deity or no, thats bout all they seem to offer.
I've always been an atheist. At some point during grade school I went with my cousin to church and Sunday school to see what it was all about. That didn't last very long - it just seemed kind of silly.
I never had prior beliefs. Though my parents were Catholics, life circumstances and their own awesomeness allowed me to be free. I like a lot about Buddhism, Christianity, etc., but I don't believe in a supernatural god being. Though I don't believe there is an end to enlightenment in our beautiful universe, I do believe it is all nature. From the smallest, most familiar things to what is beyond our understanding. I believe in science - not magic.
Pathetic as it may be I think the real reason I started questioning my Judaism was because of a game called runescape. I was 12 at the time and I wanted to play it on Saturdays, unfortunately that conflicted with my orthodox parent's beliefs and I got punished. Since I am incapable of blaming myself I started questioning the reason that I couldn't play on Saturdays. Through that I came to the conclusion that there is no proof that god exists. Although I know realize that my motivations for changing my beliefs were flawed and probably caused my parents pain, I now see too much logic in agnosticism to go back.
Thats my story.
So I can't always remember which threads I've posted in but I looked through and I don't think I've been in this one.

So... I always hated church. And in my little LDS private school, it was like church every day. When I was younger, I wasn't devout, but I didn't question it, I didn't even understand it enough to. They teach you the basic Noah's Arc story but you still don't know the difference between being "Mormon" or just being "Christian". And they can selectively choose stories and scriptures to show you, especially since the Mormon church is *slightly* skeptical of the Bible.

It wasn't until I think 7th grade that I consciously remember my mental rebellion... We had to take turns preparing religious devotionals, and I remember trying to sidestep teaching something I didn't believe and replacing it with something general. Everything snowballed, its like it's slowly gained momentum from birth and now I stand as a non-believer. I had backup from 4 brothers, 1 sister, and a great friend. I probably had only established myself as that this year, though I may still tack on the softer label of "Agnostic". As my cousin says, either way it's an assumption.

But belief-wise, I realized that the God portrayed in the scriptures is no God to look up to, and religions claiming to be "of God" are still capable of evil, and twist their beliefs frequently. I could spread all this into insane detail, but I don't think I need to... it seems like we're all coming from the same place. :)


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