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Gospel-The National

"and I'll...I'll bring a nice icy drink to you."

I love this band...saw them open for REM at the Mann. I like the lyric from Ada...

"hold onto yourself by the sleeves
I think everything counts a little more than we think."

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I'm Just Gettin' By - John Prine
Here come's the Flood-Fripp

"Drink up, Dreamers, you're running dry."
Billy Joel

We Didn't Start the Fire

Take it Back - Pink Floyd
Jaap ter Linden: Bach Cello Suites
I Will Not Obey - Utah Phillips
Band of Horses
Oops!...I Did It Again - Richard Thompson

"Faultlines" by Karine Polwart. The first time I heard it, it broke my heart after only four lines.
Summer Teeth - Wilco
Yay for Wilco. I've had 'California Stars' stuck in my head for the last two days and I surely don't mind at all. :)


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