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Hey Michael, so sorry to hear about that. Its probably the worst thing a human can go through I believe. How long ago was it?
It's almost 20 years ago, now. She'd be in college...

I once knew a man who had lost a hand in an industrial accident. He got along pretty well without. I once asked him how long it took him to get over it. He replied that you never, ever got over it - but with luck, you could eventually learn to live with it.

Not sure I've quite gotten there, yet. How about you; how're you doing?
Sounds pretty spot on. I deal with the pain and loss. I have also been told that I will never get over it. It has been two and a half years now. It gets easier as time passes but it doesn't make it easy.

Sorry for your loss Michael.

Very sorry for your loss Ray. Love the tats.

Thanks Carolyn. :)
My name is Michael. I'm in my 40's and live in the Seattle area. I've been an atheist since about age 14. Despite this reportedly being one of the least-religious areas of the country, you'd be hard pressed to find any actual evidence of that fact; churches here seem more plentiful than in California or Nevada where I grew up, and finding other non-religious people (particularly women) is quite difficult. I'm single, and I'd like to date, but, in common with much of the northwest and Alaska, the proportion of available men to women is so high that it's extremely hard. Add things like religious and political affiliations into the mix and finding even a remotely-compatible partner is really tough. Particularly when one wants, as I do, to have children.
Hiii I'm Heather, and I'm a Jersey girl lol. I work two jobs as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I volunteer for the Big Sister organization as a mentor. I am in school full-time working towards a BA in Behavioral Science then planning on continuing my education for my Master's degree in Social Work. I am also currently getting certified as a Behavior Assistant. *Check out my profile for pictures*
Helloooooo, nurse!
Hey, I'm Steven... 25, never married, no kids...currently in the US Army, though I'm not your typical army boy. Got one more deployment and then I'm getting out and moving on.
Hello all :)
Wow, I've never been part of a singles blog (actually, never ANY kind of blog.) Everyone here seems so young and techno-hip. OK, here goes... I'm a single gal, 55 y/o, 5'4" tall, 135#. I love hiking, X-country skiing, cycling, etc. I live in Central Point, OR. It's a pretty small town--and quite "redneck." I love living in the country (I have a small farm and raise goats as a hobby.) But the "singles scene" is very sparse for an Atheist. Just to connect with a guy via email would be great. I work full time in a govt ofc (State Hwy) where I am the Quality Assurance Specialist (basically, I check to make sure all the paperwork is in order before we pay the contractors.) I also love to write (I have written several articles for "American Atheist" mag.) The last guy I really was attracted to--and he claimed he felt the same way--turned out to be Seventh Day Adventist. Worse yet, he's a "YEC" (Young Earth Creationist.) He ended the relationship due to my Atheism. Funny, I could accept his beliefs, but he couldn't accept my non-beliefs. Oh well. I'd love to hear from anyone out there, just to let me know there's hope.
You know, I've had the same sort of experience. Anyone I get involved with will definitely know my thoughts concerning God and God-belief, but I can tolerate it if my partner has that particular mental virus. However, the religious women I've known typically refuse to tolerate it if *their* partners are *not* religious, and won't get involved with an unbeliever. Maybe it has to do with wanting to meet their spouses in Heaven.


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