For freethinkers, its counterproductive.

I like lunatics.

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Que? Please expand. You're not clear.
I agree that we should not censor lunatics. The luntatic's own words and actions are the best ammunition we could have to demonstrate their lunacy.
A good example is Michele Bachmann being exposed as a nutbar by her own words in a TV interview. The result is that the State of Minnesota may not be voting Republican in November. Her opponent in the election received more than $1 million in donations the week after the broadcast and the Republican party revoked Bachmann's funding.
I forgot what I posted this about in the first place, but it was relevant at the time. As Peter says, letting loons speak freely is the best way to discredit them. Censor them and its "conspiracy", "they're hiding the truth" etc.

We have a god-boy loon on the loose now. Go play with him. I have.
I think Moab's been jettisoned from the site and all his posts deleted, and just as I was beginning to enjoy myself too...

I was considering apologising for being so condescending and providing him with a complete bibliography of all the rebuttals to his arguments - and the ones he had yet (re)discover but I guess it's too late now.

I guess with hindsight I'm wary of justifying our bad reputation - as if it were possible.

But it was pretty annoying.
Ban the fucker. If you want to "play" with the fuckers Flech, do it on their sites. They have NO argument based on anything but words, and ZERO substance. They have NO reason to be here except to cause trouble and dissent.
Atheists have faith?! Fuck that! Not faith, blind and stupid like a theist. Faith in scientific reproducibility - Fact Not Fiction!
I Repeat - They have NO reason to be here except to cause trouble and dissent!
If I'm going to argue with the cunts, I'll do it in person.
Moab's reason was ego, he freely admitted that he was here to "test himself".

Michael wrote a particularly special response to his scripture spurt that I'd love to have kept, but I think it's been lost since Moab's thread was deleted.
I agree with Felch and Peter. Allowing their posts exposes them for what they really are. I understand that many are trolls and maybe you should ban them or restrict them to post in a debate thread, but deleting their posts is border line criminal. Seriously, they are entertaining. It's truly amazing what people cling to and how they 'reason' their fantasies.
not just lunatics.

i don't think anything should be censored.
censorship is just a form of reality masking.

though our perceptions are only a model of what may be real.
censoring one thing or another makes it that much harder to get to Truth.


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