Bands, genres. Name it all!

There are few metalgenres I don't enjoy that much, metalcore and pure doom would be two of those. I have outgrown most power metal and all its siblings as well as heavy metal and thrash, and goth never did that much to me.

Everything else though, I swallow whole.

My favorite bands would be Insomnium and Kamelot. For more information, check ;)

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My top 3 genres of Metal in no order: Power Metal, Melodic-Death Metal and Thrash Metal.
My top 3 all-time favorite bands in no order: Rush, Megadeth and Sonata Arctica. I could listen to any song by those 3 and be content anytime of anyday, thats why I say "top 3 of all-time"

Right now I'm getting into a lot of Black Metal. My romanian friend let me listen to Dimmu Borgir's album "For All Tid" and once I found some songs off of "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" I was hooked. I'm getting into Emperor, Månegarm and Immortal. I'm also starting to really dig King Diamond too, I like the higher pitch and lower tone voices all the same. Folk Metal is big with me at the moment as well, so far my top 3 would be Korpikaani, Heidevolk and Týr. I'm still looking into it though, if anyone has suggestions then feel free to PM me or something. Some people will surely dislike me for this but, I think Skid Row and Twisted Sister are good bands. Music to me is Art in the form of audio so I listen to what is pleasing to my ears. Antestor and Skillet are obviously Christian outfits but I won't deny they are good bands just because of that.

DISLIKES: Groove Metal *except for Pantera*, Screamo, Mathcore *look it up if you want a headache or torture music*
I also like: Classic Metal *Judas Priest, Raven, Accept, ect*, all forms of Rock *especially Classic Rock and Punk* and some Alternative bands *Disturbed, SR-71, Red Hot Chilli Peppers*

If you'd rather HEAR what Music I'm into then, head over to this site:
80's metallica
judas priest
at the gates
dark tranquility
def leppard (lol)
malovolent creation
children of bodom
black sabbath dio
dark funeral
solitude aeturnus
anorexia nervosa
kingdom of sorrow
as i lay dying
early linkin park
cannibal corpse


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